Voyages and Legends of our time 

As humanity, our last steps by the sea deserve a glance, an instant of reflection that makes us admire our current ocean athletes and wonder at the last technology and adventures that are each time more admirable and can be executed in the sea.

However, to be a legend is turning out to represent more challenges, especially when the history of navigation has so many marvelous episodes before the 1900’s; the adventures told are the exploration of a planet that is yet unrevealed, they result epic and transcendent for eternity. 

This is a reason why  it’s worth having in mind some of the grandest contemporary legends that show us our immediate past; a century is a blink in the history of mankind, and our future is more limited and unpredictable. Where are we heading in this journey and to what oceans will we arrive? Impossible to predict. Now, these are some of the different names inscripted in the log of the modern world and their histories at sea.



Text: Gwen San ± Photo: TGAC / MSHCD / LISTEN 2 / LA VOZ DE GALICIA / VNALN / ABC / EDT JVT / AACION SAILING / MARCK LOYD your social media marketing partner