Anish Kapoor, You can not stop seeing welcoming  reflections to visions that emit more questions than answers among multiple pieces that explore the architecture of the building itself and color, or as Anish Kapoor says: "it is a shock of color!".

Preamble of what await for us in Archaeology: Biology, shows that spans five rooms of the University Museum of Contemporary Art in University City Mexico City, from 28 May to 27.

No pretense, the title suggests without limiting. The suggestion is accurate, even academic. The spirit of the artist from Bombay is in tone with the University. Kapoor has generated an amazing synergy with the curator and the MUAC management team.

Just to admire one of his pieces we going to find us re-observing from several angles, receiving not only shocks color, but complete and forceful expressions of an art beyond the abstract.

This exhibition leads us through an "organic architecture”, with compasses of an "anonymous movement" and even with a sort of nod to the Anish indian land -in spite of he is not a nationalist and the fact that the artist has transpired all the geographical classifications-, but whit reminds that shows that exploration of color in a land that just seems to breathe through its architecture and warning their waking life through color.

And that’s precisely why we can’t stop watching Kopoor everywhere; because to admire his work on live, we can glimpse what their open secrets reveals about the unseen details of the composition, and the Muac make this possible for Mexico. We are proud to have Anish with us, and we will have his company at least for a while…