The Starck + Dior collaborative show is on until April 23.

For Milan Design Week 2023, Philippe Starck weaves a fascinating wonderland at Palazzo Citterio by suspending the Miss Dior chairs from the first Dior by Starck 2022 collection, arranged to resemble an aerial carousel.

The black floor reflects part of the ceiling, creating the optical illusion of a larger space. "Quite a hypnotic and immersive experience," said the designer.

“After Miss Dior (Starck's first collaboration with the Maison)," he continues. "It was natural to expand the family. Miss Dior and Monsieur Dior, Catherine and Christian Dior, the sister and the brother, the chair and the armchair, is the story of a sublime complementary duality".



The designer believes that Christian Dior represented the balance, an interplay between the solid and the subtle, the masculine and the feminine. For Starck, the inclusion of the Monsieur Dior chair in the catalog is an allusion to the secret of longevity.

"This is how I see it, and this is how I wanted to conceive this collection [...] We have once again gone beyond the limits of excellence in terms of craftsmanship and new, more advanced techniques," he concludes.

The exhibition at Milan Design Week offers an immersive experience that goes hand in hand with the rhythm of the musical by Soundwalk Collective (Stephan Crasneanscki and Simone Meril).