We know, the holiday season is upon us and it’s that time of the year when party diners seem endless, engagements never stop, family and friends drop by and we have the time to share and have fun.

At  Amura we are ready for these dates and we want to participate with the best tips for being a memorable host and not die trying.

Let the bar beckon

For a smooth entrance give your guests a clear destination point; the bar or a small table with beverages  that has the essentials will always be an oasis. Try for the access to this area be more than one angle, this with the purpose of preventing guests from waiting their turn. It’s important that this space is always well stocked (chill two or three white wine bottles an hour or two before the event) and has the right accessories at plain sight - bottle openers, glasses, ice, and garnish-. No one likes to whip up a Manhattan in mid air.

At some point, the kitchen will be saturated.

Guests always like to be where the action is, they also want to spend time with the host. You must be prepared for this with a hospitable arrangement.

Our recommendation? distribute hor'dourves and plates with small snacks in the furthest zones of your workplace, this way, people will naturally remain in their spots and away from your space.

Manage the atmosphere

No matter the holiday, your guests will arrive hungry and ready to be delighted, don’t keep them waiting too long for the main event. Another way of printing your personal seal into the atmosphere is setting the lights to a nice, cozy tone.   

Create a scene

For the  “Wow” factor, a white tablecloth with white plates and one or two color accents -for example, cranberry, turquoise or solferino-. Flowers and centerpieces must be have a medium size, this way your guests will be able to chat without anything bothering them.  

One (seating card) for all

We know, seating cards sounds way too formal, but it makes guests feel much more comfortable. Consider people who will benefit from this arrangement in particular: small children (will seat next to their parents), couples (separating them encourages casual chat), and guests who are a bit shy (try to locate them in the front and center, depending on their personality). Then fill in the blanks.    

Dessert is in the living room

A change of scenery to sip your coffee and enjoy the sweets is always nice, it’s also an excellent opportunity to stretch your legs and change the conversation or talking partners.  

Build a reference scheme

It’s always a good idea to have ready the infrastructure of dessert -plates, napkins and forks- at a side table before the party begins. This is a good moment to fill in the cream pots and stash it in the fridge, it’s also a great chance to charge the coffeemaker and make it ready for action. This saves the bother and keeps everyone happy.   

Something extra

Chanel said “In order to be irreplaceable you might be different”. Before the definitive desserts are served, warm-up yours guests with pretreats -for example, chocolates or salted caramel-, while the baked goods are ready (Don’t forget the sweets the guests brought!). Confited cheeses, nuts and sweet wine bring the perfect sweetness-salty balance to the table.

A final surprise

For parties, champagne is always an excellent option to the end of a meal. It’s part of these small details that are always enjoyed by everyone and remembered by all.