Nordic minimalism; simple, elegant, and bold design.

These are two small prefabricated houses in Iceland that combines glass, wood and iron materials, with which the ODD studio’s creators aim to give people the dream of enjoying close to nature, while living a memorable journey.

Although such houses had already emerged around the world years ago, these generally functioned as short-term rentals. Today, Panorama Glass Lodge cabins have everything you need to live in – kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom – plus a front half made of clear glass that allows you to enjoy the Icelandic landscape without restrictions.

Located in the proximity of the Hekla volcano, each house is perfectly designed to see and appreciate the northern lights and starry sky that only Iceland can offer, from the comfort of a large wooden bed. It is worth noting that because of the materials with which these were built, are able to withstand light snowfalls, melting the snow and preventing condensation.

The interior design also plays a fundamental role in making this experience even more unforgettable. Inspired by the ‘modern Viking style’, a pair of horns hangs from the ceiling, geometric tiles and a rock replaces the sink in the bathroom.