Retrato de un Hombre Natural - Martha Jauffred

Retrato de un Hombre Natural

New airs are blowing in the world of fashion; the prefabricated heroes used to advertise a look are giving way to a real people. Authenticity is the order of the day and the most valuable concepts emerge from the capability of expression of the person to which high fashion is limited only to describing and adding a touch of distinction to an anonymous discovery.

Por Martha Jauffred


Gondolo - Rafael Luna Grajeda


With a new design with unprecedented adornments and dressed with diamonds, Patek Philippe includes the Gondolo in its collection of “shaped” watches, a new feminine model with a surprising design and sophisticated construction.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Costa del Sol - Interiores Patrick Monney, Portadilla, RVG  Images

Costa del Sol

On the coast of Andalucía the Moors established­ strongholds from which they watched the horizon and allowed no invader to come near. Merchants were welcomed and Málaga was the entryway of the precious merchandise that arrived from North Africa and the Middle East.

Por Interiores Patrick Monney, Portadilla, RVG  Images


Charming routes: White-painted towns and Flamenco - Interiores Patrick Monney, Portadilla, RVG  Images

Charming routes: White-painted towns and Flamenco

The White Towns take us on a tour of the sierra, from one town to another with houses that dazzle for their whiteness and their tiled roofs. It is a pleasure to walk around their streets admiring the balconies, churches, fountains and the magnificent mountain scenery.

Por Interiores Patrick Monney, Portadilla, RVG  Images


Londres, Reino Unido - Patrick Monney

Londres, Reino Unido

Londres, Reino Unido

Por Patrick Monney


Fiordos del Oeste, Islandia - Patrick Monney

Fiordos del Oeste, Islandia

Fiordos del Oeste, Islandia

Por Patrick Monney


Dubai, Emiratos Árabes - Patrick Monney

Dubai, Emiratos Árabes

Dubai, Emiratos Árabes

Por Patrick Monney


Gatineau, Québec, Canadá - Patrick Monney

Gatineau, Québec, Canadá

Gatineau, Québec, Canadá

Por Patrick Monney


Vida Real Spa  - AMURA

Vida Real Spa

Imagine for a moment living an ancestral experience in an uncertain place in the world. You open your eyes and in front of you is an imposing pyramid that invites you to step inside. Once within, the aromas, textures, sounds and colors will envelop you and make the Vida Real Spa experience one of unique relaxation.



Exclusive Spas - Jolanda Bonazzola de BCD Travel

Exclusive Spas

It is time to spoil yourself and take a break from this fast-paced world, in which due to the daily stress, physical wear, together with spiritual wear, we are taken to the limit of tiredness and illness. So, on this occasion, we recommend taking a breather at any one of these spa options in so-different destinations where you can find rest, diverse treatments, relaxation, good diets, spiritual meditation, but above all, tranquility. So we begin this tour of the 8 main spas in the most varied of locations.

Por Jolanda Bonazzola de BCD Travel


110 Canados - Rafael Luna Grajeda

110 Canados

The future is now. The canados 110, an evolution of the new 110’ line launched in 2004, confirms the new course taken towards yachts with an increasingly high level of customization by Canados yard.  

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


JeMaSa - Viridiana Barahona


From the Hakvoort family, this impressive 50-meter yacht represents the largest launched by the ship yard. JeMaSa offers an abundance of exclusive and luxurious elements for its guests. Its ingenious­ design adds an elegant logistic to every detail and a means ready to sail, optimizing­ all its resources.

Por Viridiana Barahona


Sunriva - Rafael Luna Grajeda


Sunriva reaffirms the rich history of Riva boats, while driving it at the same time. This concept of a “one-day cruiser” unites style with comfort. This celebrated boat is fast for voyages­, agile to handle and perfect for spending an intense day on the water.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Sunseeker Portofino 53 - Edmundo A. Eguiarte

Sunseeker Portofino 53

The Portofino 53 is an excellent example of what a company can achieve when it sets itself a goal in which quality is not the exception but the rule and everything is planned to perfection. It is always one step ahead of the problems that may arise; nothing has been overlooked or left to chance.

Por Edmundo A. Eguiarte


Nature Photography - Eduardo Lugo

Nature Photography

Have you even imagined being crouched in the same place for hours on end, exposed to mosquito bites, night after night, day after day, enduring hot and cold to get a good image of a tapir or of exotic birds? This is the type of discomfort that nature photographers have to put up with in order to capture the images we enjoy in books, magazines and the documentaries we watch on television.

Por Eduardo Lugo


Gran Hotel Guadalpin Byblos, incomparable service - AMURA

Gran Hotel Guadalpin Byblos, incomparable service

The Gran Hotel Guadalpin Byblos; in this  beautiful luxury 5-star hotel, the staff are dedicated to offering the best possible service­ with a human warmth that makes you feel like you are among true friends. Whether you come alone or accompanied, this destination will be a delight during your stay in Mijas



Andalusian Kitchen with Magnificence - AMURA

Andalusian Kitchen with Magnificence

Zhen Shanghai has arrived on the American continent; a Chinese restaurant that meets the highest standards of quality and service in the world and Mexico is the third country where this prestigious restaurant opens.



Golf on the Costa del Sol - Patrick Monney

Golf on the Costa del Sol

Andalucía is the autonomous community with the most golf courses in Spain, with 79 widely-versatile courses with different levels­ of technical difficulties.  The province of Malaga is situated at the top of the list in terms of the number of courses, above all those located in the Marbella area, so much so that the Costa del Sol has earned the nickname the “Costa del Golf”.

Por Patrick Monney


Hawker 4000, 75 years of history - Laura Velázquez

Hawker 4000, 75 years of history

Part of the history of modern aviation has been written by Beechcraft, a company that celebrated its 75 years proud of its Hawkerseries models, which have set the standard for business aviation with great performance, quality, comfort, value and technological innovation. During this time, the company has built 54,000 aircraft based on the principal of constructing the “aircraft of the true pilot”.

Por Laura Velázquez


Luxury and sportiness in its maximum expression - Roberto Pérez S.

Luxury and sportiness in its maximum expression

Certain manufacturers like Rolls-Royce, Maybach, Bentley or Maserati, to mention but a few, that take the concepts of luxury, elegance, exclusivity and comfort to new dimensions with the form objective of satisfying that thing that all the most demanding clients have in common: the desire to own the best of the best.

Por Roberto Pérez S.


Absolutely Mixed - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Absolutely Mixed

Perhaps no other drink has been so linked to the arts as Absolut Swedish vodka, which since 1985, beginning with the Andy Warhol work “Absolut Warhol”, it commenced its relationship with painters, sculptors, photographers and renowned designers to form the “Absolut Art Collection”. Once recognized in this field, Absolut Vodka has also opted for another art form – the art of mixing drinks – which requires sensitivity and an exquisite sense of taste to balance the different ingredients that make up this type of drinks, better known as cocktails.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


The Avant Garde Sea - Josu Iturbe

The Avant Garde Sea

The sea as a subject of art often appears in the creations of artists of our times, but also to a great extent of the creators of the past. No so far back in the past, about a century, we knew a glorious era of art in which the sea also played an important role.

Por Josu Iturbe


Tips & Tops Costa del Sol - AMURA

Tips & Tops Costa del Sol

Tips & Tops