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Originally conceived as a convent in 1621, the Softiel Santa Clara is currently a place that combines luxury with elegance in its ancient walls. An architectural jewel of the XVII century, the excellent service, human kindness, the refinement of Sofitel style that characterizes its atmosphere makes the Santa Clara a hotel to live an unforgettable experience, combined with a rich history. 

he ancient building receives visitors into a sprawling patio crowned with arches on both floors, a tropical jungle dotted with palms and toucans kindles the imagination.


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On the other side of the ancient walls one finds an immense pool surrounded by the hotels’ balconies, where the crystalline water reflects the sky. A great balcony at the end of this beautiful patio, built for relaxation, gives way to views towards the ocean.

The Spa is an invitation for guests to unwind after traveling through the alleyways of this magnificent city, Cartagena de India, admiring its florid balconies. Inside the Spa, the hammam, the Jacuzzi, the gymnasium and the massages form the sanctuary of relaxation for the body, and the serenity of the mind.

The Sofitel Santa Clara provides joy through an authentic art of living, convoking guests to delight themselves inside its bars and restaurants. This is home of traditional French cuisine, following the latest trends, and the delicacies of the Colombian and Caribbean dishes. El Refectorio is located inside the ancient Clarias dining hall, and it serves an elegant French dinner, the room decorated with period furniture. The Claustro allows guests to enjoy the ambience of the patio with traditional dishes. Breakfast in this area is one of the marvels of the Sofitel.

The 119 hotel rooms, including 17 suites, are luxuriant and elegant spaces decorated in colonial or republican style. With views to the Caribbean, the city or the interior gardens of the hotel, these are the places to relax in and feel at home.

The Sofitel Santa Clara is, without a doubt, the first-rate choice to enjoy homely accommodations while one discovers the charming city of Cartagena de India and the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Located in its historic center, adjacent to the ancient wall, one finds the heart of the city, where a vibrant ambience invites to walk to points of interest. A jewel inside a jewel, the Sofitel is a treasure guarded inside a city that was once coveted by pirates.




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Text: Patrick Monney ± Photo: Patrick Monney