Living in an eternal summer - AMURA

Living in an eternal summer

While we’re on the threshold of autumn, we still have time to enjoy the sun and tanned skins that we have acquried over the summer. 



Double Tourbillon 30° Sapphire Greuble Forsey - GREUBEL FORSEY

Double Tourbillon 30° Sapphire Greuble Forsey

On June 15 of this year, Greubel Forsey unveiled one of the biggest challenges of chronographs industry, one piece that allows the observation of  sophisticated and well-crafted mechanism 360° and its various levels, this is possible by allowing the enviornmental light can enter.



MB&F 6RT Horological Machine - MB&F

MB&F 6RT Horological Machine

Horological Machine No. 6, made of titanium, has evolved into “Space Pirate”, an edition bestowed with the “Best of the Best” prize at the Red Dot Design Award, in Essen, Germany; one of the most renowned international competitions of design. This edition is limited to 18 red gold pieces 5N, 18K and titanium.

Por MB&F


Azerbaiyan  - Maruchy Behmaras


The travellers who arrive at this young republic, which emerges from one of the most ancient nations on the planet, become instantly hooked by a mutual feeling shared by all of humanity, one which originated in these lands, millions of years ago, at the dawn of our history. 

Por Maruchy Behmaras


Zaha Hadid - Maruchy Behmaras

Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid described Iraq during her infancy as a liberal country, and, up until 1985, there used to exist a Ministry for Women.

Por Maruchy Behmaras


Technology, power and  no limits design - Erick Zamora

Technology, power and no limits design

The automotive world not only ascribes itself to speed and the power of engines. In this occasion

Por Erick Zamora


Mercedes - Maybach S 600 - Erick Zamora

Mercedes - Maybach S 600

 Mercedes’ classic essence and Maybach’s exclusivity join together to form a magnificent vehicle.

Por Erick Zamora


Audi A8 LW12 - Erick Zamora

Audi A8 LW12

 One of the finest vehicles developed by Audi, it fuses a powerful V12 engine with ample space and details which distinguish it from previous A8 models. 

Por Erick Zamora


Fairmont Baku Flame Towers - Matiana Flores

Fairmont Baku Flame Towers

Featuring a modern and avant-garde architectural design, the Fairmont Baku is located inside an urban complex composed of three towers that can be seen throughout the city, while its lighting system gives a fantastic contemporary design at night.

Por Matiana Flores


Four Seasons Baku - Brenda Crúz

Four Seasons Baku

In the cosmopolitan city of Baku, the sumptuous Four Seasons hotel rises and shines thanks to its Beaux-Arts architecture, a classic French style.

Por Brenda Crúz



Sahil Bar & Restaurant - Alonso Bejarano

Sahil Bar & Restaurant

This establishment, which could be comparted to any of the finest restaurants in New York or Paris, is located in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

Por Alonso Bejarano


Art Garden - Alonso Bejarano

Art Garden

Located in the heart of the city, art is fused with gastronomical traditions to create an ambience that dates back to the 12th century.

Por Alonso Bejarano


Atlante London - CRN

Atlante London

Recently, CRN Yachts made it latest project known: a 55 m yacht equipped with state-of-the-art technology and an innovating designed that will certainly break ground in the mega-yacht industry.



Manhattan 52 Sunseeker - Nautikos

Manhattan 52 Sunseeker

In 1969, the story of the Sunseeker International shipyard began to be written, the product of a dream to create ships as to be seen that was shared by the brothers Robert and John Braithwaite- Today, it is one of the most exclusive enterprises in the world, boasting an ample luxury fleet catalog, with ships ranging from 40 to 155 feet in length, divided in 5 grand yacht categories.

Por Nautikos


50 years of prowess from sir Francis Chichester, the lord of the seas. - Felipa Avilés Aguilera

50 years of prowess from sir Francis Chichester, the lord of the seas.

It was on the 28th of August, 1926, when sir Francis Chichester, sixty-five year old aviator, navigator, and entrepreneur (September 17th, 1901 -- August 26th, 1972), set out on the first attempt to sail the world’s oceans on a solo trip aboard the 49-foot Ketch sailing boat, names the “Gipsy Mothy IV.

Por Felipa Avilés Aguilera


Azerbaijan’s National Animal is critically endangered - Ma. del Carmen Hernández

Azerbaijan’s National Animal is critically endangered

The Karabaj horse is considered by experts worldwide to be among the seven finest castes, as well as belonging to the one of the oldest. It is bred in the Karabaj mountains since the 16th century.

Por Ma. del Carmen Hernández


Gobustan National Park  - Ma. del Carmen Hernández

Gobustan National Park

Thor Heyerdahl (Larvik, Vestfold, October 6th 1914 – 18th April 2002, Liguria, Andorra) Norwegian anthropologist, adventurer and biologist, reckoned that the historical evidence of more than 6,000 cave paintings in Gobustan established the possibility that Azerbaijan was one of the cradles of civilization from which people emigrated to northern Europe several millennia ago.

Por Ma. del Carmen Hernández


Zoroastro and the wisdom of creation - Mariana Mares

Zoroastro and the wisdom of creation

 He was the great informer of religious beliefs in Persia. Although his birthday is celebrated on the 21st of March--as part of the Persian New Year celebrations--his life and death remain a mystery. 

Por Mariana Mares


Nizamí Ganyaví - Rodrigo Borja Torres

Nizamí Ganyaví

Poets are the reflection of the soul of a people and the Persians are a clear example of that. Some of the greatest poets in history belong to this culture, among which undoubtedly Nezami Ganyavi shines through; his works are regarded as the apex of the romantic epic in azerbaijani literature.

Por Rodrigo Borja Torres


Tips & Tops Azerbaijan - AMURA

Tips & Tops Azerbaijan

Tips & Tops Azerbaiyán