Time Goes By - Germán Nájera

Time Goes By

Time Goes By

Por Germán Nájera


Pasha Seatimer de Cartier - Germán Nájera

Pasha Seatimer de Cartier

Rounded, automatic, large proportions and capable of facing any challenge, the Cartier Pasha Seatimer is a sophisticated masculine timepiece designed to be submerged in the water and surrounded by adverture. A watch that adjusts perfectly on the wrist with impeccable style and great comfort.

Por Germán Nájera



Borneo - Patrick Monney, RGV Images


In Asia there are nooks and crannies that never cease to amaze and always invite one to explore an exotic world that leaves us speechless. Borneo is one of these. In this great island the jungle hides extraordinary flora and fauna, towns lost in the heart of the island, modern and touristic cities and workers with peculiar professions such as gathering swallow nests, fruits of the palms or gold in a mine.

Por Patrick Monney, RGV Images


Punta Mita, Jalisco, México - Patrick Monney

Punta Mita, Jalisco, México

 The luxurious Four Seasons Hotel, where a divine artist has designed the beaches, among rocks, islands and coconut palm trees, invites you to enjoy a marvelous place. Punta Mita is one of Mexico’s most beautiful spots.

Por Patrick Monney


Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia - Patrick Monney

Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

 Kuta, in southwest Bali, is an extensive golden sand beach lashed by long waves that attract the planet’s best surfers. Kuta safeguards its reputation as a place of exotic charm.

Por Patrick Monney


Rincón, Puerto Rico, Caribe - Patrick Monney

Rincón, Puerto Rico, Caribe

The sea in the western region of Puerto Rico presents a stun- ning calm spot located in the heart of the wind that makes this island daz- zle. This is Rincón, with its gorgeous beaches near a town that attracts with its beauty as well as the finest hotels and restaurants.

Por Patrick Monney


Taormina, Sicilia, Italia - Patrick Monney

Taormina, Sicilia, Italia

At the foot of the town of Taormina, where there are vestiges of Greek and Roman history, is this beautiful bay that seduces with its crystalline waters and superb restaurants. Not too far from these attractions is Mount Etna.

Por Patrick Monney


Blue Scorpion - Viridiana Barahona G.

Blue Scorpion

The Blue Scorpion belongs to the prestigious Saglietto family and was designed by Francesco Paszkowski. Its hull is made of steel and its superstructures from aluminum; an impeccable combination of colors and a perfect contrast make it look very imposing while sailing the seas.

Por Viridiana Barahona G.


Tiara 420 - Edmundo A. Eguiarte

Tiara 420

It is a very entertaining and certainly difficult task to define: Where does one start to describe this motor yacht? Is it a recreation boat with a fishing spirit or vice versa, as a fishing boat with the benefits of a recreation yacht?

Por Edmundo A. Eguiarte


Viking 84 - Irma Patiño

Viking 84

The Viking 84 provides incomparable performance thanks to its powerful engines. It is an elegant yacht and shows its strength on the seas with its length of more than 25 meters. 

Por Irma Patiño


Princess 25 M - Edmundo A. Eguiarte

Princess 25 M

One could expect any less from the flagship of a boatyard and less still from a yacht of more than 25 meters in length. Just a quick glance at the exterior is enough to give us an idea of what this yacht that could be called “the jewel in the crown” of the boatyard represents.

Por Edmundo A. Eguiarte


Aquariva 33 - Irma Patiño

Aquariva 33

Aquariva is the smallest member of the Riva Yachts family. Barely ten meters in length, it does not cast aside any elegance and style whatsoever. The presence of fine woods and the absolute care taken in the details makes the Aquariva a very sought after and appreciated possession by collectors.

Por Irma Patiño


Fine real estate Hacienda Vista Real & Spa - Amura

Fine real estate Hacienda Vista Real & Spa

The Riviera Maya stands out for its great beauty, but at this wonderful destination there are places that are true Gardens of Eden. So, if you want to spend some unforgettable vacations, we invite you to stay at the Hacienda Vista Real Resort where paradise is not a destination, but a lifestyle.

Por Amura


Laguna Verde - Alberto Friscione Carrascosa

Laguna Verde

Working for a living as a diver has given me great satisfaction, as well as surprises. You never stop learning or surprising yourself, such as the invitation extended to me by the Director of the Laguna Verde Nuclear Plant, engineer Mr. Rafael de la Garza to dive at the only nuclear plant in Mexico.

Por Alberto Friscione Carrascosa


Amura team in the J24 class - Amura

Amura team in the J24 class

The Class J24 has a long history in our country and is considered to be the most competitive category in sailing. In the fall of 2002, the J24 Class team called “Hakunamatata” was formed.

Por Amura


Kampung Nelayan Restaurante - Patrick Monney

Kampung Nelayan Restaurante

In order to enj oy the produce of the South China Sea, in Kota Kinabalu people go to Kampung Nelaya, where there is a true banquet of dishes. It is a very large restaurant and to one side we can see the aquariums of live fish and shellfish that are taken to the kitchen to be prepared once they are chosen. The jellyfish with chili and sweet and sour sauce is considered a delicacy and the meat satai are always available since they are the foun- dation of Malayan cuisine.

Por Patrick Monney


Shangri-La´Tanjung Aru Resort - Patrick Monney

Shangri-La´Tanjung Aru Resort

Located 10 km (6.2 mi) south of the Kota Kinabalu airport, the Shangri-La’Tanjung Aru Resort is a fabulous, luxurious hotel that invites its guest to enjoy its beach and small mari- na, from which they can reach the islands of the Tuanku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

Por Patrick Monney


Carcosa Seri Negaea - Patrick Monney

Carcosa Seri Negaea

Hidden in a jungle covered hill in the heart of the Malaysian capital is one of the world's most beautiful hotels and, no doubt, the most charming. It is an ensemble that unites the past, the beauty of its colonial architecture and the perfection of its service in a marvelous mansion that was the English governor’s official residence during colonial times.

Por Patrick Monney


Golf in Malaysia - Patrick Monney

Golf in Malaysia

The mountains of the Malayan Peninsula have created a truly charming garden. Cameron Highlands, with its outstanding golf course, is two and a half hours from Kuala Lumpur.

Por Patrick Monney



The world's three most expensive paintings - Josu Iturbide

The world's three most expensive paintings

When I was gathering data for writing this article, the references were pretty stable. The prices reached at auction were rising in a regular way but it was hard to surpass the record established two years ago, when a painting by Picasso was sold for 104 million dollars, putting it at the head of the list. Before finalizing the definite order and after checking different sources, everything became incongruous.  

Por Josu Iturbide


Lineage 1000 - Laura Velázquez

Lineage 1000

The aircraft is powered by two reliable and easily maintainable GE CF34-10E7 engines. Its range with 8 passengers aboard will be 7,778 kilometers (4,200 nautical miles) with NBAA IFR y 200 nm alternate reserves, at a maximum speed of Mach 0.82 at a ceiling height of 41,000 feet.

Por Laura Velázquez