Conquering the oceans, Cronómetro Maxi Marine  - Cronómetro Maxi Marine

Conquering the oceans, Cronómetro Maxi Marine

Clippers, brigantines, frigates and schooners contributed to write important chapters of the naval history and in the development of the international commerce. Long ago. the navigators were oriented with the help of a sextant, the sun and the horizon as their only guides. The unique precise reference on board was a chronometer.

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British Columbia - Patrick Monney

British Columbia

Like from a storybook, one of the most beautiful regions in the world lay hidden in the northwest part of Canada: mountains that outline majestic fjords, islands in all their splendor and in plain view of glacier summits. At Whistler, there is skiing all year round, while in Vancouver, one can sail; in Victoria, the sun shines upon flowers; and in the north, bears are owners of extraordinary scenery. British Columbia is a region of great natural beauty, a spectacular place to sail. 

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Innsbruck - Kundalini Muñoz


At the foot of one of the most important mountain chains of Europe is Innsbruck, capital city of the Austrian state of Tyrol, and is a unique destination for those who love active vacations. Weather it is in summer or in winter, the mountains of Innsbruck is ideal for excursions in green prairies or to get lost skiing in the snow.

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Bayonne, Francia - Patrick Monney

Bayonne, Francia

At the bank of the Adour River, in the Basque coast, the ancientwalled city impresses for its elegant Sainte Marie cathedral, its intricate alleys, the gothic cellars and its castles. Themarina is a real charm

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Montreal, Quebec, Canadá - Patrick Monney

Montreal, Quebec, Canadá

To walk into this city’s downtown streets, is a ride trough time and space. The language as well as the architecture, allow us to discover the French origin of this important city newlanders.

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La Baie, Quebec, Canadá - Patrick Monney

La Baie, Quebec, Canadá

The environment’s conservation of Quebec’s territory is one of the biggest attractions. Huge forests extensions and an endless number of rivers and lagoons, allow the contact with numerous natural species.

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Sacacomie, Quebec, Canadá - Patrick Monney

Sacacomie, Quebec, Canadá

One hour and a half away fromMontreal, Sacacomie is a fascinating place of woods and lakes that is illuminated with the colors of the autumn, when the leaves are painted of gold, ocher and red. A hotel dominates the scenery and the promenades are diverse and beautiful.

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Opus Hotel the art of living with style - Patrick Monney

Opus Hotel the art of living with style

In the heart of Yaletown, in the center of Vancouver, the Opus Hotel is a small grand hotel with style and full of freshness. Its contemporary design, the warm and intuitive service, its ambient with homemade soul and the brilliant set make the Opus a place with its own identity that joins to the personality of each host.

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Esmerald Star - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Esmerald Star

This mega yacht boasts a unique design in its external lines, which is conjugated with the mastery of the arrangement of its internal areas making it ready to embark on long voyages with enough space for 10 guests and nine crew members. The external areas are characterized by large volumes and extensive outdoor spaces, all designed to allow the owner and guests more direct contact with the sea.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Canados 90 - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Canados 90

Canados launches its first “open” yacht with large areas of glass that give the sensation of being outside thanks to its sophisticated light control system and combi- nation of woods in different tones that contrast with materials such as leather, glass and steel.

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Bradley - Rafael Luna Grajeda


The H2X boatyard has launched the MCat 88 BRADLEY, a 26-meter luxury cruising catamaran that sits comfortably in the mega-yacht category since its beam makes it the eguivalent of a 34-meter long mega-yacht, according to the boatyard's specialists.

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The underwater world - Alberto Friscione Carrascosa

The underwater world

Before I start, I would like to thank my friends at the Amura magazine for their patience and above all their trust, because I know I am a difficult case.

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Epic Victory - Laura Velázquez

Epic Victory

The Epic Victory offers jet speed, latest generation technology and single pilot operation at the most important; at a price of USS 1 million. In honor of its name. I made a successful maiden flight manufacturer. Epic, hopes that it i first Very Light Jet to reach the market with everything a VU must offer.

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Vancouver, haute cuisine - Patrick Monney

Vancouver, haute cuisine

To eat has become an art in British Columbia, and the chefs have decided that the region has to stand out for its refined cuisine. Thanks to its moderate weather, delicate products are cultivated in the orchards and the cattle enjoy tender pastures. L’École, in Victoria, and Elixir are excellent examples of this exquisiteness. In this occasion we selected two of the best restaurants in Vancouver: Raincity Grill and Cin Cin Ristorante.

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The Aesthetic of Silence of George Seurat - Anarela Vargas

The Aesthetic of Silence of George Seurat

The New York Museum of Modern Art is currently presenting through the beginning of 2008 the Georges Seurat: The Drawings exhibition. It is the first time in almost 25 years that his drawings are being displayed as a collection. The sample shows some 135 pieces of work, mostly in conté crayon on the characteristic French Michallet paper. 

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