A refreshing summer - Amura

A refreshing summer

A refreshing summer

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Reinventing time - Amura

Reinventing time

Born in 1926, the Oyster Rolex adapts to modern times and presents its latest creations, continuing its never-ending quest for excellence.

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Forte dei Marmi - Sandra Maldonado

Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi, located in Tuscany on the Ligurian Sea, is the summer resort of European personalities looking for an exclusive place away from the crowds

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Salone Nautico Venezia  - Amura

Salone Nautico Venezia

The Venetian show has changed venues several times, until it found the Arsenale - an ancient and historic 12th-century naval base - to become its permanent venue from 2019 

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Y7 a hidden gem - Javier Navarro

Y7 a hidden gem

Y7 is the best-selling model of the German shipyard Y Yachts, founded by Michael Schmith

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The jewels of golf - Ricardo Villanueva

The jewels of golf

The Masters Tournament, the PGA Championship, the US Open and the Open Championship make up golf's Grand Slam, and winning any one of them is like entering the Hall of Fame.

Por Ricardo Villanueva

A drive through paradise - Daniel Marchand MM Classics -

A drive through paradise

Historic sites and supercar driving combined in ten-day tour

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Bombardier 8000, The beginning of a new era - Ricardo Villanueva

Bombardier 8000, The beginning of a new era

The ability to travel from one continent to another without losing time or suffering from jet lag was one of the premises upon which the Bombardier 8000 was designed and built.

Por Ricardo Villanueva

Tuscany wine tourism and history - Cindy Agustín

Tuscany wine tourism and history

Tuscany has more to offer the wine lover: classified vineyards, charming medieval towns and places to appreciate the Italian artistic heritage.

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Vermeer, The Master of Light - Maite Basaguren @maitexplainsart

Vermeer, The Master of Light

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has succeeded in bringing together 28 of the 36 masterpieces by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

Por Maite Basaguren @maitexplainsart