Splendor addiction - Martha Jauffred

Splendor addiction

The art of the jewelry is as old as the human impulse of beautifying ourselves to distinguish from the others, carrying an object of singular beauty. Of all the options that the natural environment offers the most precious were those mineral substances which possessed the capacity of capturing and reflecting the light, such as the stars in the sky.

Por Martha Jauffred


Jewel Watches - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Jewel Watches

For over more than 150 years firms like Cartier has gone to the top of the international design of jewel-watches of first quality, many other manufacturers have followed this firm with their proposals in classic and recent designs, always including the mounting of precious stones as diamonds, zephyrs, yellow and white gold, as well as fresh and delicate nacre tones and bracelets in burnished moiré and several finishing’s that contribute to give ultra feminine touches to this kind of pieces.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Barcelona, España - Patrick Monney

Barcelona, España

The great port of the Mediterranean, Barcelona is the fashion city of Europe; a meeting point for all. Its architecture defies time, from the Roman remains, passing through the Gothic quarter to the legacy of Gaudí.

Por Patrick Monney


Vatnajökull, Islandia - Patrick Monney

Vatnajökull, Islandia

The Vatnajökull glacier is the largest in Europe and covers active volcanoes. Jokusarlon is one of the points where the ice reaches sea level to create lagoon that is linked to the ocean and where seals swim.

Por Patrick Monney


Helsingborg, Suecia - Patrick Monney

Helsingborg, Suecia

 On the Strait of Öresund, opposite Copenhagen, this great port conserves the spell of the ancient hamlets at the foot of its castle. The nearby coastline invites travelers
to explore charming villages.

Por Patrick Monney


Uluwatu, Baili, Indonesia - Patrick Monney

Uluwatu, Baili, Indonesia

The Temple of Uluwatu dominates the sea from its site atop a great cliff, situated on a peninsula formed at the south of the seductive island. The sanctuary has been
invaded by monkeys who are expert thieves!

Por Patrick Monney


La Polinesia Francesa - Jolanda Bonazzola de BCD Travel

La Polinesia Francesa

The Society Archipelago is divided in two parts, the Windward Islands formed by four grand islands, including Tahiti (which in turn is divided in two islands: Tahiti Nui, the biggest, and Tahiti Iti, which is the smallest), Moorea and Etiaora and on the other hand, the Leeward Islands. 200 kilometers from Tahiti, that includes Huahine. Bora Bora. Raiatea. Tahaa and Maupiti.

Por Jolanda Bonazzola de BCD Travel



Linda Lou - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Linda Lou

Linda Lou is the name of this magnificent yacht from the Lürsen boatyard. With its 60 meter length, it offers all the comforts one could possibly desire for a great voyage or to simply spend enjoyable days out with friends.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


M/Y Illusion - Rafael Luna Grajeda

M/Y Illusion

A presence in black and white with burred walnut with Lalique insets in stainless steel and beveled edge mirror throughout the interior cannot be less than the fifth ISA 120-foot yacht called M/Y Illusion, which was launched last July.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


At full sail! - Heriberto Murrieta

At full sail!

On July 12,2007, the Mexican yacht Ruahatú (“God of Wind” in Hawaiian) set sail from San Pedro, in the Gulf of California. So began it's participation in the Trans Pacific Yacht Race, one of the most important regattas in the world that brings together 80 yachts from 30 to 100 feet in length crewed by yachts men of different nationalities.

Por Heriberto Murrieta


The Sea Beads after Hurricane Dean - Alberto Friscione Carrascosa

The Sea Beads after Hurricane Dean

Mother Nature once again shows her might; this time in the form of a devastating hurricane that struck the coastal areas of the southern part of the State of Quintana Roo. The enormous cyclone struck the towns of Chetumal, Carrillo Puerto, Mahahual, and Chinchorro, with gales of up 300 km per hour.

Por Alberto Friscione Carrascosa


600 Legacy - Laura Velázquez

600 Legacy

From Brazilian territory arrives the Legacy 600, which offers the largest and most comfortable cabin in the super mid-size business jet category. Its excellent performance, low operating costs and unmatched reliability make it the customer’s best choice. The Legacy 600 enjoys market accept- ance all over the world with more than 100 aircraft in service in 20 countries.

Por Laura Velázquez



Hiroshi Sugimoto and the Search for Time - Anarela Vargas

Hiroshi Sugimoto and the Search for Time

The Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen Museum, in Düsseldorf, is currently displaying the Hiroshi Sugimoto exhibition through January 2008. The exhibition will continue uninter rupted through the beginning of 2009 in the Salzburg Modern Museum, the Berlin National Gallery and the Lucerne Museum of Art.

Por Anarela Vargas


Petit Manseng, unique Stock - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Petit Manseng, unique Stock

Much has been written and commented on the subject of grape stocks. Over 150 varieties have been known, identified, and classified by the specialists, and some of the most frequently mentioned names invariably include Malbec, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, Pinot Noir, Chenin Blanc, among many others.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda