Guiles Papi - Enrique Rosas

Guiles Papi

 I always liked technical mechanics, automotive mechanics, and aeronautics; I have also lived in many places like Modena, Monaco and Germany. And even though I was very close to cars, my pa-ssion always was technical mechanics.

Por Enrique Rosas


Octavio García - Enrique Rosas

Octavio García

I started in 1993 with Omega until 1998. Then, in 2003 with Audemars Piguet as a Design Manager, and a year after that I got the job for Artistic Director. This means that aside from working with the product and the corporate design, I also help with the brand’s communications.

Por Enrique Rosas


Israel, Between the Desert and the Sea - Patrick Monney

Israel, Between the Desert and the Sea

We arrived at night at the airport of Tel Aviv and it was the four of the dawn when the taxi ran by a freeway that co-llapsed into some anonymous hills, taken a bath by the dry and unusual air. Jerusalem arose like a vision, the open door of Damask in the wall, lonely, imposing, an invitation to the mystery.

Por Patrick Monney


Courchevel, Style on The Snow - Kundalini Muñoz

Courchevel, Style on The Snow

Courchevel Resort is a part of the Trois Vallees (Three Valleys), a Winter sports complex of over 600 kilometers of impeccable tracks, modern infrastructure and nature at its best. From the three valleys, Courchevel is the most exclusive, favored by visitors all around the year, because it also offers summer activities.

Por Kundalini Muñoz


Orongo, Isla de Pascua, Chile - Patrick Monney

Orongo, Isla de Pascua, Chile

At the border line of the Rano Kau Volcano’s Crater, we can find the remains of an old village. The small barren islands of Motu Nui challenge the waves and also took place the Ceremony of the Bird Man, where the contestants had to go down the Orongo cliff, to reach the barren island and collect the first egg of the “Miniature” bird. 

Por Patrick Monney


American Colony Hotel  - Patrick Monney

American Colony Hotel

Very near the Door of Damask, in east Jerusalem an unique, seductive hotel, inmerso in a magic garden arises with scent to jasmine, with a great history and tradition. From the entrance, the stones of their walls count us the legends, the moments of happiness, the miseries of the hard times, the destructions and laments of the wars.

Por Patrick Monney


Emotion and Confort in Grand Hyatt Santiago of Chile - Patrick Monney

Emotion and Confort in Grand Hyatt Santiago of Chile

With some of the most respected notes in the economic chart, in quality of life and human development in the world, Santiago of Chile has become in one of the most important capitals of the world; and since there is no big city without great hotels, recently the Hyatt Hotel Chain has upgraded the position of its actual location to Grand Hyatt.

Por Patrick Monney


Mizpe Hayamim - Patrick Monney

Mizpe Hayamim

Nested to 570 meters high, the views on the plateau of the Golan and the Sea of Galilee from their terraces are superb. The Mizpe works in an almost autonomous way, consuming the excellent products that produces its farm

Por Patrick Monney


Mochi Long Range 23 - Enrique Rosas

Mochi Long Range 23

The first “Zero Emission Mode” motor yacht over 20 meters, The Long Range 23 is the first craft to obtain the RINA “Green Star Clean Energy and Clean Propulsion” certification. The first "Zero Emission Mode" motor yacht over 20 meters.

Por Enrique Rosas


Ferretti 881 Overwhelming Beauty - Viridiana Barahona

Ferretti 881 Overwhelming Beauty

For this edition we are finishing with a magnificent model, a yacht that represents the elegance and genius of the Italian house that forged it, worthy representative of its family, Ferreti 881, a peculiar 27 meters that once gain gathers the absolute quality of its components.

Por Viridiana Barahona


122 M/Y “ROMANCE” - Viridiana Barahona


Another one arrives from the CRN family: The ”Romance”, a luxurious mega yacht distinguished by the insignia on its name, an authentic nautical jewel in which color, space, style and design are combined to give birth to an exclusive piece of this brand. Its proportions offer and impressive view of the 57 meter model where it holds four decks with authentic amenities.

Por Viridiana Barahona


The Great White Shark In Mexico - Gerardo del Villar

The Great White Shark In Mexico

Like every year, from July to November the “Great White Shark” (Carcharodon Carcharias) visits our waters arriving to the “Isla Guadalupe”, which is an island with a volcanic origin, with a surface of over 476,971 acres and it’s located in the Mexican Pacific 250 km away from the coast of Baja California.

Por Gerardo del Villar


Emivest SJ30 Aerospace, The Fastest - Laura Velázquez

Emivest SJ30 Aerospace, The Fastest

It’s the first LBJ to maintain sea level pressure in its cockpit at 41 thousand feet, allowing its pas-sengers to arrive “Fresh” to their destination after a long trip. Emivest Aerospace proudly pre-sents the SJ30, a business jet that last November set a new speed world record of 7 hours with 7 minutes –know after this as the “007”- after flying from London to Dubai, with a 41 minute fuel recharge in Istanbul, Turkey.

Por Laura Velázquez


Los Dilemas del Realismo  Ricardo Amezcua Cuspinera - Michael Negrete Cruz

Los Dilemas del Realismo Ricardo Amezcua Cuspinera

To be petrified before a painting could only be another metaphor, which through rhetoric, could pretend to give a clear explanation to the bunch of emotions that are experimented while observing a painting; nevertheless, in the case of Ricardo Amezcua Cuspinera’s work, this phenomenon could be an inherent risk while contemplating it.

Por Michael Negrete Cruz


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