A solstice of colors - José María Lorenzo

A solstice of colors

Given the previews for spring-summer, for this edition distinguished brands present their so long awaited collections, where informality stands out, without putting aside its elegance. The traditional and simple dresses, the vintage and Mediterranean textures, as well as the white and stronger tones fashion.

Por José María Lorenzo


A man, a watch, a lifestyle - Enrique Rosas

A man, a watch, a lifestyle

Driven by the love of nature, a need for speed, a belief in human achievement and creative freedom. Mark webber the FI driver for Red Bull Racing is the archetype of the accomplished man.

Por Enrique Rosas


Seville, city of historic beauty and diversity - Enrique Rosas, Roberto Salido

Seville, city of historic beauty and diversity

To talk about Seville we must start by understanding its history and multiethnic heritage.

Por Enrique Rosas, Roberto Salido


Agra, India - Amura

Agra, India

Located in the enigmatic India, in the city of Agra, one of the biggest examples of Mogolic architecture can be found: Taj Mahal, it was built in honor of Mumtaz Mahal, the favorite wife of the Muslim emperor Sha Hahan. It was recognized by the UNESCO.

Por Amura


Kerala, India - Amura

Kerala, India

Inside a beautiful paradise offered by India, we discovered the fascinating Backwaters, a grid of sailable water canals located on the state of Kerala, south in the region. These are about 900 km of canals, which go along the oriental coast in a parallel route. 

Por Amura


Ilha Grande, Brasil - Amura

Ilha Grande, Brasil

Known as ’the Caribbean of Brazil’ and boasts over 350 different islands within the region. Famous for its 106 beaches and more than 50 waterfalls, caves, and rivers. Its protected by the Brazilian Government as one of the most beautiful wild life reserves of Brazil. 

Por Amura


Portillo, Chile - Amura

Portillo, Chile

Two hours away from the capital city, we find Portillo, a perfect place for the practice of the white sport skiing where the tourists enjoy the greatness of its mountains, among them the Aconcagua, highest mountain in South America.  

Por Amura


JW Marriot Guanacaste Resort & Spa -

JW Marriot Guanacaste Resort & Spa

Located on the dazzling northeast coast of Guanacaste, Costa Rica; this touristic complex can be found inside the famous Hacienda Pinilla, a unique and sophisticated community of beautiful beaches and golf courses.



Surprising the future - Enrique Rosas

Surprising the future

Here, the typical Pershing qualities of sporting style, speed and control have been further enhanced, as the new Pershing 80’, brainchild of yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni, has once again been specifically designed to offer owners high performance. Offering an incredible peak speed of 50 knots.

Por Enrique Rosas


Custom Line 112 elegant style - Enrique Rosas

Custom Line 112 elegant style

Created by a collaboration between the Studio Zuccon International Project and Ferretti’s AYT, Advanced Yacht Technology, the new maxi yacht is a natural development of the Ferretti Custom Line 112’ a highly successful design and while retaining the sleek lines and performance of the yard’s planning models, it offers some tempting innovations:

Por Enrique Rosas


The nautical Culture evolves in the Mexicans - Ricardo Vázquez

The nautical Culture evolves in the Mexicans

The Mexican nautical culture appears to be awakening while conjugating new tourist's destinations with marina, with more infrastructures and the increment of the number of businesses offering services and even more availability in international brands in Mexico.

Por Ricardo Vázquez


Louis Vuitton's Pacific Series - José María Lorenzo

Louis Vuitton's Pacific Series

The year 2009 celebrates the 25th anniversary of Louis Vuitton as an active participant of sailing at its highest level, organizing the “Louis Vuitton Pacific Series” in Auckland, New Zealand from January 30th to February 14th 2009.

Por José María Lorenzo


Coco Island natural paradise of Costa Rica - Gerardo del Villar, Fabiola Galván

Coco Island natural paradise of Costa Rica

Coco Island is a National Park located 532 kilometers off the coast of Costa Rica, it was discovered by the Spanish sailor Juan Cabezas in 1526, also known as the “Shark Island”, where these have become the zone's main attraction.

e han convertido en el principal atractivo de la zona.

Por Gerardo del Villar, Fabiola Galván


Cirrus Vision SJ50 begins flight with new name - Laura Velázquez

Cirrus Vision SJ50 begins flight with new name

With a new name, the American company Cimis Design Corporation celebrated the first flight of the Cirrus Vision SJSO. A personal jet previously known as The Jet*.

Por Laura Velázquez



Hennessy X.O decanter - Roberto Salido

Hennessy X.O decanter

Once again, the Mythical X.0 Decanter from the Cognac house of Hennessy, is adorned for this year’s festive dinners. This new design presents, like a dazzling jewel, its iconic grape bunches made out of 82 crystallized Swarovski elements stones waiting to shine at great festivities and receptions.

Por Roberto Salido


Another way of seeing - Michel Berenstein

Another way of seeing

The beauty and complexity of the visual stimuli in the world we live in or in which we move as travelers, is endlessly vast and rich. To know how to see and to feel what is discovered by seeing, is the fifth essence in the art of travelling.

Por Michel Berenstein


Tips & Tops Sevilla - Amura

Tips & Tops Sevilla

When visiting Spain it is necessary to bring a valid Passport, and in some cases, check with your embassy. You must have the corresponding visa and your return ticket, with a stay no longer than 90 days. In some cases they also request proof of economic sustainability during your stay, with a required minimum of 300 euros, which can be presented in cash, traveler checks, credit card, bank certificate or any other legal document.

Por Amura