I Dream of Summer - Germán Nájera

I Dream of Summer

The summer season embraces us, which delights us with sunny mornings and heavy evening rains. Summer arrives serenely but with golden aces up its sleeve in terms of wardrobes.

Por Germán Nájera


World of Watches - Ricardo Vázquez / Germán Nájera

World of Watches

The trend set by Baselworld in watch making are the diameters of the glass, sports watches and re-editions of classic styles adapted to larger sizes, as well as the marked return of pink gold.

Por Ricardo Vázquez / Germán Nájera


Australia - Patrick Monney


Australia is an immense continent surrounded by seas that have etched a beautiful coast of extraordinary beaches, deep, unusual bays and surprising cliffs. The distances are huge and sailing along the length of its coast would be a challenging adventure in which we would face dangerous currents and threatening weather changes.

Por Patrick Monney


Kakadu National Park, Kingdom of Crocodiles - Patrick Monney

Kakadu National Park, Kingdom of Crocodiles

Kakadu, an exotic region made famous by the “Crocodile Dundee” movie, is a widespread area of swamps, called billabongs, and rivers located north of the continent and delimited by a cliff where we found Aboriginal paintings and impressive waterfalls. Camping is permitted in the park though we found many signs that said, “Watch out for crocodiles, swimming prohibited” and campsites must not be too close to the water.

Por Patrick Monney


Atuona, Polinesia Francesa - Patrick Monney

Atuona, Polinesia Francesa

Atuona, Polinesia Francesa

Por Patrick Monney


Tánger, Marruecos - Patrick Monney

Tánger, Marruecos

Tánger, Marruecos

Por Patrick Monney


Saigón, Vietnam - Patrick Monney

Saigón, Vietnam

Saigón, Vietnam

Por Patrick Monney


Isla de Pascua, Chile - Patrick Monney

Isla de Pascua, Chile

Isla de Pascua, Chile

Por Patrick Monney


Venere 75 - Irma Patiño P.

Venere 75

After a long wait for yacht lovers, Riva Yachts unveiled its new pride and joy: the Venere 75’. This high-performance yacht that can reach a maximum speed of 33 knots, with a cruising speed of 29 knots also includes a flybridge as an innovation.

Por Irma Patiño P.


Lazzara 110c - Viridiana Barahona

Lazzara 110c

The Lazzara 110c, with its sporty design, is distinguished by its luxury. Just looking at it gives us an idea of a maximum exponent of comfort and quality for the high seas.

Por Viridiana Barahona


Pershing 76 - Irma Patiño P.

Pershing 76

The Italian firm Pershing, belonging to Grupo Ferretti is characterized by offering products that ensure a unique, elegant and refined lifestyle. Proof of this lies in its Pershing 76 model, which meets the most demanding quality and comfort standards, which will make all your voyages completely pleasurable.

Por Irma Patiño P.


Sunsekker 94 - Viridiana Barahona

Sunsekker 94

The Sunseeker 94 is a work of art in all sense, from its spectacular fiber-glass hull to its fine and delicate interior details. The flybridge, despite not being independent is exquisite because its finishings contrast so perfectly that they denote the elegance this model deserves.

Por Viridiana Barahona


Sunreef 67 - Edmundo A. Eguiarte

Sunreef 67

Making a slight reference to the joining of the two worlds on the discovery of America, the SUNREEF 67 illustrates this concept by offering a twin hull of the most manageable and stable yachts -catamarans - with the advantage of avoiding the effort of depending on the capricious seas and winds because this Sunreef model comes from the motor yacht production line.

Por Edmundo A. Eguiarte


Playa Mujeres Resort - AMURA

Playa Mujeres Resort

Playa Mujeres, the detonator of high-end tourism development in the Mexican Caribbean, inaugurated the first of two golf courses located in this spectacular, luxurious complex, on May 31.



National J24 Championship - Manuel Villareal

National J24 Championship

The National J24 Class Championship was held from March 29 to April 1, 2006 at the Coporito Marina in Valle de Bravo. 

Por Manuel Villareal


Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney - Patrick Monney

Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney

From its windows we admired beautiful Sydney Harbour, the Opera and the metallic bridge, two symbols of the city. As always, the Four Seasons knows how to provide excellent service and personalized attention. 

Por Patrick Monney


Sofitel Wentworth - Patrick Monney

Sofitel Wentworth

In the heart of Sydney’s financial center, a step away from the Opera and the ferry docks, the Sofitel Wentworth invents luxury with a minimalist style, creating a young, elegant place. The warmth of its spaces, the elegance of its décor and   the perfection of its attention make it one of Sydney’s coziest hotels. 

Por Patrick Monney


The Windsor Oberoi - Patrick Monney

The Windsor Oberoi

Built in 1883 and marvelously restored by the Oberoi group, the Windsor is a national monument, a Melbourne emblem that brings to mind its Victorian past. Its salons preserve an air of times gone by, its restoration treasures the elegance of other eras and the walls vibrate with the history of its moments of splendor and crisis.

Por Patrick Monney


Orca - Óscar S. Frey


The most impressive encounter that I have experienced with a marine creature, with a killer whale in fact was when I saw it swallow a turtle in one mouthful. Generally, to us humans, the way in which this great mammal hunts it prey and feeds seems savage, so much so, it has earned the name “killer whale”.

Por Óscar S. Frey


Special Exotics - Nahum Rabchinskey

Special Exotics

What we have here are three very different cars but with characteristics that make them comparable due to the fact that their ancestry lies in brands of great sports tradition and stunning successes in international circuits.

Por Nahum Rabchinskey


Global Express XRS - Laura Velázquez

Global Express XRS

The Global Express XRS from Bombardier has arrived from Canada, boasting one of the most luxurious cabins in the ultra-long-range business jet category, combined with surprising performance that fulfils the desires of even the most sophisticated travelers.

Por Laura Velázquez


Tips & Tops Australia - AMURA

Tips & Tops Australia

Tips & Tops Australia