Presents for Him - Enrique Rosas

Presents for Him

Summer is one the most relaxed seasons in the year in many ways, and fashion can’t escape from this denomination. 

Por Enrique Rosas


125 th anniversary Sotirio Bvlgary Watch - Enrique Rosas

125 th anniversary Sotirio Bvlgary Watch

 In the mid - 19th century, Sotirio Bvlgari articulated a vision of elegance that has since proven capable of transcending the boundaries of both time and space.

Por Enrique Rosas


Genghis Khan - Ricardo Vázquez

Genghis Khan

 Ulysse Nardin has a very wide experience as a complications builder, and especially in sound watches. Maybe the biggest achievement, so far, is the Genghis Khan.

Por Ricardo Vázquez


Iceland - Fabiola Galván Campos


Iceland, the land that inspired Jules Verne to write his most famous work “Journey to the center of the Earth” or the birthplace of artist Bjork, is becoming in one of the favorite European destinations for its many activities as well as its natural accidents like: glaciers, geysers, thermal fountains, active volcanoes, extended lava desserts, aside from its history, literature (through the Icelander sagas) and its rich and vast folkloric traditions.

Por Fabiola Galván Campos


Hallgrims Lutheran Church - Roberto Salido

Hallgrims Lutheran Church

The Church of Hallgrimur is the crown on Iceland's capital with its magnificent 73 meters high steeple rising above all other buildings in Reykjavik. It is the largest church of the country with a seating capacity for 1,200 people in the nave. 

Por Roberto Salido


CostaBaja Resort & Marina La Paz, Baja California Sur - AMURA

CostaBaja Resort & Marina La Paz, Baja California Sur

CostaBaja Resort & Marina is a master planned community with over 220 hectares of terrain and 1.6 kilometers of beach front.



From the Earth´s Core - AMURA

From the Earth´s Core

From the Earth´s Core



A Blade of Rock in Antarctica - AMURA

A Blade of Rock in Antarctica

A Blade of Rock in Antarctica



A Splash in the Arctic Waters - AMURA

A Splash in the Arctic Waters

A Splash in the Arctic Waters



A Paradise for Penguins - AMURA

A Paradise for Penguins

A Paradise for Penguins



Hessen´s Celestial Hope 47 - Enrique Rosas

Hessen´s Celestial Hope 47

 The 47m luxury Motor Yacht Celestial Hope it is the first yacht in the 4700 series, built with an all-aluminum design. It combines superior speed and performance with discreet elegance.

Por Enrique Rosas


Moonen Darsea 97 - Edmundo A. Eguiarte

Moonen Darsea 97

 For the past 28 years, this young Dutch shipyard has taken his clients by the hand in the construction of yachts for their complete sa-tisfaction, with all the quality and dedication that is necessary to succeed, in a region that has been designing ships for centuries. This is how Moonen has introduced itself to the world assuring a transcending trajectory through time.

Por Edmundo A. Eguiarte


Boston Whaler 345 Conquest - Enrique Rosas

Boston Whaler 345 Conquest

The 345 Conquest is Whaler’s big cabin boat for the maximum enjoyment of deepwater fish fighting, cruising and dockside socia-lizing. Along with the unsinkable safety that only “Whaler” can assure, this luxurious and comfortable boat includes innovative features that set it apart from others, such as an integrated windshield and hardtop, a centerline helm and a beautifully appointed cabin. 

Por Enrique Rosas


Glymur Hotel - Roberto Salido

Glymur Hotel

Glymur Resort is a family run boutique hotel situated high on a hillside on the northern shore of the beautiful “Whale fjord” just 50 kilometers away from Reykjavik or 90 kilometers away from the airport.

Por Roberto Salido


Audi quatrro Cup - Enrique Rosas

Audi quatrro Cup

In the past month of May, the 10th Audi quatrro Cup Mexico 2009 took place in the Valle Escondido Golf Club, a beautiful golf course in the north side of Mexico City.

Por Enrique Rosas


Young Mexican Gastronomy - Ricardo Vázquez

Young Mexican Gastronomy

Youth does get along with creativity, that’s why Chef Diego Alejandro Cruz, in charge of the Beach Club Restaurant inside the Fairmont Acapulco Princess Hotel, with significant trajectory as a young kitchen artist, recently won the “Young Chefs” competition that is hosted by the Embassy of France, the Vattel Institute and the State of Guerrero.

Por Ricardo Vázquez


Cognac Richard Hennessy - Cortesía de la Marca

Cognac Richard Hennessy

As living history, Richard Hennessy is among the world’s rare and Precious masterpieces. The fruit of a particular savoir - faire, held to Rigorous standards, it is the cornerstone of the House of Hennessy.

Por Cortesía de la Marca


Hawker 4000 - Laura Velázquez

Hawker 4000

Such demanding professions like the one of Spanish Golfer Sergio Garcia, not only requires having the best set of golf clubs with the latest technology and the best physical and mental atrainers, having the latest generation jet is also necessary, in order to make intercontinental flights in a very relaxing mood towards every tournament he participates in.

Por Laura Velázquez


The Perfect Tri-Force - Roberto Salido y Enrique Rosas

The Perfect Tri-Force

In this edition, Amura Yachts & Lifestyle has the pleasure in presenting three automobiles tha combine technology, sportiveness and elegance: A perfect Tri-Force, envied in every aspect.

Por Roberto Salido y Enrique Rosas


From the Deconstruction of Imagen to the Demystification of Being - Michael Negrete Cruz

From the Deconstruction of Imagen to the Demystification of Being

And then the unimaginable was manifested with great intensity: We were around 120 people. We found ourselves on the 51st floor of the tallest skyscraper in Mexico City – in the middle of a delirious atmosphere- while nature wasn’t overflowing even with the fact of being surrounded by giraffes, hippopotamus, Bengal tigers, fishes, elephants and even sharks.

Por Michael Negrete Cruz


Tips & Tops Iceland - AMURA

Tips & Tops Iceland

Tips & Tops Iceland