Autumn falls - Amura

Autumn falls

Autumn falls

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Romvlvs  Billionaire Tourbillon - Gustavo Pérez

Romvlvs Billionaire Tourbillon

Introduced in 1966, the Romvlvs models make reference to watchmaking art in its purest form, and have made its mark on watchmaking history. This model is in fact the first watch to display a dial without hourmarkers and having the index engraved on the bezel. Interpreting the classical codes of the brand, the Romvlvs collection was enriched in 2008 by two major complications: a perpetual calendar and a retrograde annual calendar. In 2010, CORUM pushes technical boundaries to their limits by offering a Romvlvs Billionnaire Tourbillon demonstrating the brand’s remarkable talents.

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MB&F  Horological Machine No. 2 - Amura

MB&F Horological Machine No. 2

The watchmakers at MB&F have always been known for creating unique timepieces that are truly groundbreaking. In 2008, this was demonstrated with the new Horological Machine No. 2 (HM2-SV), who held not only a complete view of the 349 components of your engine, but was also a box made from synthetic sapphire.

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Indonesia A mosaic of cultures - XX

Indonesia A mosaic of cultures

From island to island, Indonesia is a real shock of different cultures and landscapes, a journey that seduces you with its variety and originality. Although we made several trips to this vast country in the past, an archipelago of 17 400 islands, we decided to browse some points of interest such as Irian Jaya, Flores, Komodo, Lombok, Bali and Sulawesi, Borneo and Jakarta.

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Faroe Islands - Amura

Faroe Islands

Hidden in the North Atlantic, and only a brief flight away from the UK, the Faroe Islands are a paradise for lovers of small towns and tranquil landscapes. The city of Tórshavn is the largest in this group of islands, which alongside the town of Vestmanna, offesr a richness of grasslands covered landscapes and mountains.

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Luhacovice, Czech Republic - Amura

Luhacovice, Czech Republic

This small town, located in Moravia, Czech Republic, is a spa town, that is, a village situated around mineral springs. In this time of year the Janacek Festival takes place, and concerts are held in honor of Leos Janacek, the most famous composer of Moravia.

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Hotel Plaza Athénée - Amura

Hotel Plaza Athénée

Located between the Eiffel Tower and les Champs-Élysées, there is the Hôtel Plaza Athénée, a place that not only has the look of an authentic Parisian building, but also holds the essence of glamour that only a country of the old continent can provide. 

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Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay  - Patrick Monney

Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay

Attached to a hill watching the sea, between forest and lush gardens, the Four Seasons Jimbaran is an Eden where the water comes from where it takes the eye. At its feet lies the calm sea of Jimbaran Bay, deep blue, next to the white sand beach. 

Por Patrick Monney


Madrid, 5 nights of feast and culture - Patrick Monney

Madrid, 5 nights of feast and culture

Great capital city with a flavor of an Andalusian village, Galician or Asturian style crowd, locked between both Castile, Madrid is a gem worth discovering in the smallest corners. Madrid is a jumble of flamenco and Jack, an adventure of parties and bars, a stew of cultures and a meeting of aromas to Spain. Madrid is unique and always welcomes us with the color of scorched earth in the South and its forests at the foot of the Sierra Norte, in the heart of Spain, as the queen of the Spanish variety.

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Feadship Lady Britt  - Amura

Feadship Lady Britt

The shipping Feadship is recognized in the sailing world to create super-luxury yachts, and each of their ships set a standard that few in the market can achieve. Their quality is defined by the constant innovations in design, construction and engineering.

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Mangusta 165 Open - Amura

Mangusta 165 Open

Everything changes with time. This phrase applies to almost everything and it encloses a simple truth: everything that does not adapt to the changes required to its time, slowly falling into obsolescence and eventually forgotten. 

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The horizon of the road - Amura

The horizon of the road

Travelling at high speeds is one of the most cherished desires of humanity to whom nature has denied the possibility of achieving them by themselves, and yet uses his wits to get there. This challenge was taken up by the most prestigious automotive companies in the world, which have been commissioned to produce not only the more luxurious cars, but also the fastest.

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Copernicus - Amura


Inside the extraordinary Copernicus hotel, a building featuring a gothic façade affiliated with the Relais & Châteaux that dates of the 16th century, one finds the restaurant, without a doubt an embracing spot decorated with frescos and a soffit with wooden beams that provide it a medieval ambience. 

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Le Fouquet’s Paris - Amura

Le Fouquet’s Paris

At the heart of the Champs Elysees is Le Fouquet’s, a beautiful restaurant that is part of the prestigious Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière. 

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Warung Mie - Patrick Monney

Warung Mie

Walking along the trails that run along the Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay in Bali, we found a door, like a typical Balinese house. We went to find a lush garden surrounding a pond from which water lilies and lotuses arise, we crossed stepping stones submerged in water and we reached a wonderful terrace on the edge of the pond. We settled in, watching the chefs prepare their dishes in the kitchen located along the back wall.

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Story of a passionate collector: Henry Clay Frick - Alfonso Miranda

Story of a passionate collector: Henry Clay Frick

Some people are collectors for collecting can be a great art if it is taken seriously. This is why we like to see the great collections, even when we are not collectors. Collecting is a way of ordering the world.

Por Alfonso Miranda


A century in the glass - Cortesía de la marca / Laura Piedra

A century in the glass

LOUIS Xin is created in 1874 from the Cognac region of France specifically for the "Grande Champagne", and it’s the result of dedica- tion and patience, being the only cognac from a mixture of 1 200 Eau de Vie that have been aged in oak barrels Limousin region, which allows a subtle exchange between air and wood from 40 to 100 years, this to have a perfect balance between flavor and richness that characterizes this great Cognac.

Por Cortesía de la marca / Laura Piedra


Tips & Tops Indonesia  - Amura

Tips & Tops Indonesia

Tips & Tops Indonesia 

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