The handbag  - Bottega Veneta

The handbag

Each day, she wondered about The One. Night after night, she dreamt with The One.

Por Bottega Veneta


Protagonic Orange - AMURA

Protagonic Orange

Protagonic Orange



Moon De Romain: Innovation and Aesthetics - Luis Peyrelongue

Moon De Romain: Innovation and Aesthetics

 My dear friend and AMURA reader, it is a pleasure to meet. Like in every edition we will conversate about the innovations of a world beyond fascination, the world of watchmaking. For this industry, the sky is the limit, and when this limit is pushed, it simply reinvents and overflows.

Por Luis Peyrelongue


Kenya - Representante Francisco Venegas


The Republic of Kenya is part of Africa’s orient, it represents one of the most interesting and suggestive destinations of the entire African continent, filled with natural resources, cultures, villages, ethnics, religions, languages, amongst other elements, that build and outline its uniqueness.

Por Representante Francisco Venegas


The Tribe Hotel - Leonor Villalfaña

The Tribe Hotel

This beautiful hotel boutique takes us to the most basic foundation of human philosophy: We are all one tribe, we all share the same planet. With this concept in mind, the new Village Market located in Nairobi, operates.

Por Leonor Villalfaña


Mount Kenya Safari Club - Leonor Villalfaña

Mount Kenya Safari Club

Located 200 km north of Nairobi, with a spectacular view of Mount Kenya, we find a fabulous mansion, today converted into a luxurious hotel that continues to accommodate behind its walls passionate stories worthy of their time

Por Leonor Villalfaña


Paris, The city of light - AMURA

Paris, The city of light

I couldn’t believe it, I was esthatic, almost frozen, the flight via AirFrance to the city of light was long, maybe due to the anticipation of the trip or maybe because this time I would see a different Paris.  The 14 hour flight was forgotten as soon as I arrived to the Charles de Gaulle, it seemed like an un going party, and everyone was invited: screaming, accents, swift paces, people wanting to see their loved ones.



Maputo , Mozambique - AMURA

Maputo , Mozambique

Maputo, Mozambique



Sorrento, Italy - AMURA

Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Italia



Yakushima, Japón - AMURA

Yakushima, Japón

Yakushima, Japón



Potosí, Bolivia - AMURA

Potosí, Bolivia

Potosí, Bolivia



Nairobi  - Carlos Dragonné


Kenyan gastronomy has grown impressively. Here is a recount of the top 3 best restaurants in which you may enjoy yourself next time adventure takes you to this spectacular African destination. 

Por Carlos Dragonné


Rift Valley Winery: Challenge accepted - AMURA

Rift Valley Winery: Challenge accepted

Over the mountains of the Rift Valley, in the majestic Kenya, we can observe women of different ages carry boxes filled with grapes over their heads. This can only mean one thing, it is time for the wine harvest in the only vineyard of the country, which is located over 2000 meters above sea level, amongst the performance of fog that rises over the valley. 



Navetta 26 Crescendo - Jorge  Varela

Navetta 26 Crescendo

The Custom Line of Ferretti presents a new selection of semi-displacement, we are talking about the  26 Crescendo which pays homage to the craftsmanship, sophistication and balanced lines of this signature equipment. 

Por Jorge Varela


Azimut 120 Modern and classic, balance of contrasts. - Azimut México

Azimut 120 Modern and classic, balance of contrasts.

Externally, the 120SL design is both bold and sportive. Its lines are sleek and curvy, reflecting an image of speed and comfort in a colour palette based mainly on white and gold. 

Por Azimut México


Land Rover, All Luxury Adventure -

Land Rover, All Luxury Adventure

Very few luxury car brands today, possess the quality to maintain themselves as objects of desire. Provoque dreams, evoque legends, and make heads turn, creating admiration. Land Rover is one of them. 



Madiba Mandela, The leader who embarked in a path to liberty  - AMURA

Madiba Mandela, The leader who embarked in a path to liberty 

Far from political and social postures, Madiba (as elder men from the Mandela clan call him with affection) is a transcendental figure in the history of our perceptions and ideologies toward the human race, the conscious of being, the union of ethnicities, the no discrimination and the pacific coexistence. 



Karen Blixen - María Grajales

Karen Blixen

Let’s allow time and the wonders this world has to offer transport us over the Nairobi mountains, passing the Masai Mara, and the Rift. May the wind put us down in faraway lands and allows us to breath a different air. We find a morning colored by the sun, and the mist fills the soul with promise.

Por María Grajales


The Maasai - Emanuel Alday

The Maasai

In the beginning, the Earth and Sky were one: Ngai. One day decided, tired of the same, that they should be apart. He noticed, very worried, that there was no one to attend his flock. With this reason, and no other, Ngai, sent the brave Maasai to be its maximum guardian. I didn’t look at my watch, I couldn’t, letting  myself fall in the blood colored Kenyan afternoon.

Por Emanuel Alday


Tips & Tops Kenya - AMURA

Tips & Tops Kenya

Tips & Tops Kenya

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