Colores de invierno - Germán Nájera

Colores de invierno

 Colores de invierno

Por Germán Nájera


Rolex Prince - Amura

Rolex Prince

Rolex created the Prince model in 1928, which enjoyed immense success. With a state of the art design, the Prince is rectangular in shape is distinguished for its accuracy.

Por Amura


Hublot - Enrique Rosas


Amura had the opportunity to interview one of the most active and charismatic of the watching world, Jean Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot of the most progressive and highest selling watch makers in the world.

Por Enrique Rosas


Parmigiani - Ricardo Vázquez / Enrique Rosas


The dream of every traditional watch making firm is probably to craft unique pieces and assemble them manually, where all the components are manufactured by the same company; however, only a handful of brands in the world can say that they actually do. 

Por Ricardo Vázquez / Enrique Rosas


Québec - Patrick Monney


The great river comes from far away, crosses the great lakes and travels through the hills of Quebec before becoming an enormous estuary. It is the true artery of a region that has a long winter but when the days become warmer it is a river filled with life.

Por Patrick Monney


Mont Tremblant - Patrick Monney

Mont Tremblant

In the Laurentides, only an hour away from Montreal and a place where the small mountains invent superb panoramas, we found several places for skiing and enjoying winter sports. Mont Tremblant, one of those mountains, has a beautiful town lying at the foot of the runs and walking there, in the creaky snow, is a pleasure. 

Por Patrick Monney


The singing boats - Amura

The singing boats

The singing boats are the Turkish schooners that sail along the coasts of the Sea of Cortes, the largest aquarium in the world. These wonderful vessels are much more than a high quality tourist experience since in all senses they offer the opportunity to enjoy something pleasant and unmatchable by living the wonders of the Sea of Cortes like nobody else, by offering the hospitality and attention that you need to forget everything and enjoy the experience to the full.

Por Amura


Fine real estate Hacienda Vista Real & Spa - Amura

Fine real estate Hacienda Vista Real & Spa

The Riviera Maya stands out for its great beauty, but at this wonderful destination there are places that are true Gardens of Eden. So, if you want to spend some unforgettable vacations, we invite you to stay at the Hacienda Vista Real Resort where paradise is not a destination, but a lifestyle.

Por Amura


Quadra Aléa - Amura

Quadra Aléa

In the Mexican Caribbean there is a place full of natural beauty known by many as a paradise called Playa del Carmen. This lively town offers a distinct and casual atmosphere, relaxed and with a touch of romance.

Por Amura


Panamá City, Panamá - Patrick Monney

Panamá City, Panamá

Like a futuristic city that floats on the water, Panama's proud and modern 21st century skyscrapers rise on the horizon while the old city created Bfr the Conquerors sleep. 

Por Patrick Monney


Ostende, Bélgica - Patrick Monney

Ostende, Bélgica

Located on the edge of the North Sea, Ostend, a short distance from Bruges, is one of the most beautiful beaches of the region. Its marina, at the foot of the train station and the cathedral, shel- ters sailboats of all types.

Por Patrick Monney


Belize City, Belice - Patrick Monney

Belize City, Belice

One of the safe ports of the Caribbean, the city of Belize is protected by the world’s second longest barrier reef. It is a diving paradise and ideal for admiring the atolls.

Por Patrick Monney


Málaga, España - Patrick Monney

Málaga, España

The small village became an important port at the time of Arab occupation and since then it is a cosmopolitan city, with a fascinating typical life in its small streets.

Por Patrick Monney


Le Germain - Patrick Monney

Le Germain

Le Germain, considered one the city's finest hotels, is located in the executive area of Montreal, a district where the shops and restaurants vie in elegance and where business men walk swiftly to arrive at their appointments. Its fresh concept makes it conservative, modem and attractive.

Por Patrick Monney


Auberge Saint - Antoine - Patrick Monney

Auberge Saint - Antoine

Before, at the foot of the hotel, when the city invented itself to face the modern age, the waters of Saint Laurent passed by and the boats moored. Built on one of the richest archeological sites of the city of Québec, Auberge Saint- Antoine is a set of three historical buildings dating from the 18**1 and 19^ centuries, with the remains of the jetty and a battery of cannons.  

Por Patrick Monney


Arcadial - Viridiana Barahona G.


An imposing vessel from the outside that reflects its strength in every component. It’s strong and bold design shows off impressive dimensions that form the incredible Arcadia 1, the contrasts that result from the tones of the hull denote this greatness that characterizes it in every sense possible.

Por Viridiana Barahona G.


Ferretti 761 - Edmundo A. Eguiarte

Ferretti 761

Ferretti, on instructions of the company CEO, produced the 761, a yacht with various innovations, among which the enormous hull side windows, the use of modem technology and a conservative distribution standout, although they are all thought out so that this would be a comfortable yacht for all the occupants, both for guests and the owner and crew.

Por Edmundo A. Eguiarte


Wally 70 - Edmundo A. Eguiarte

Wally 70

This water dart, like its big brother, the Wally Power 118. has a very aggressive design, as if it has been conceived for war and not as a luxury recreation craft. Even the paintwork is special. developed by Dupont®, so everything comes together to give you that charm by owning one of these exotic exponents of the maritime world.

Por Edmundo A. Eguiarte


Hatteras 77 convertible - Juan Carlos Fonseca

Hatteras 77 convertible

The new Hatteras 77 Convertible will appeal to both cruisers and sport fisherman thanks to its customer driven interior layout options and industry leading specifications in beam, draft, fuel capacity and accommodation space.

Por Juan Carlos Fonseca


Sunreef 62 Trigger - Irma Patiño / Juan Carlos Fonseca

Sunreef 62 Trigger

During this year’s international presentation of Boat Shows in Cannes and Monaco. Sunreef Yachts, one of the leading European manufacturers of luxury yachts, launched its new model the Sunreef 62 Trigger. The yacht is characterized by its high level of sailing comfort, stability and state of the art technology.

Por Irma Patiño / Juan Carlos Fonseca


Le Château Montebello  - Patrick Monney

Le Château Montebello

Located in the hills that descend to the great Des Outaouais River, only 120 kilometers (74 miles) from Montreal, we found a golf course where nature plays with the greens. It is specially charming to play nine holes hidden within a beau- tiful forest where the green tones of spring dazzle and the colors of fall light up the scenery.

Por Patrick Monney


Isla Guadalupe, white shark territory - Rodrigo Friscione / Anuar Heberlein / Armando Gasse / Rafa Nachón

Isla Guadalupe, white shark territory

When we hear the word ‘shark', we feel scared; we imagine this beautiful animal as being evil and that waits for humans to enter its domain to attack and bite chunks out of them with its powerful jaws full of sharp teeth. Much of these feelings are due to the box office cinema productions such as ‘Jaws’.

Por Rodrigo Friscione / Anuar Heberlein / Armando Gasse / Rafa Nachón


The tursiops - Eduardo Lugo

The tursiops

There are various places in the world that are known for their dolphins, whether because visitors can interact with them in their habitat, such as in the Bahamas, or through the research projects that have provided us with more knowledge about these animals.

Por Eduardo Lugo


The Amura team: a step away from qualifying - Manuel Villareal

The Amura team: a step away from qualifying

El equipo AMURA compitió fuerte y con mucha garra durante el evento que se llevó a cabo los pasados 3, 4 y 5 de noviembre, obteniendo magníficos resultados, ya que de 8 regatas que se realizaron, tres fueron muy buenas pues se consiguió un primero, segundo y quinto lugar.

Por Manuel Villareal


Black & blue

Black & blue "Bisbee´s 2006" tournament

It is October 24 and the best fishermen in the world are already in Cabo San Lucas where 189 teams have registered. However, Hurricane Paul was approaching.

Por Mario Ramírez


HondaJet - Laura Velázquez


We always had wings... and now we can fly.” That’s how the advertising of the Japanese firm Honda Motor Co. reads for the launch of the HondaJet, its very light jet, with which it will enter the business jets market within three or four years.

Por Laura Velázquez



Tradición y Refinamiento - Patrick Monney

Tradición y Refinamiento

Quebec’s cuisine has, seemingly forever, been an art that the Québécois have perfected. It is exquisite and the finest chefs compete in excellence. Superlative dining is a great tradition and during our journey we encountered outstanding restaurants. Always accompanied by the best wines, elegant dishes are prepared with the flavors of the region but conserve a French touch.

Por Patrick Monney


The art of mixing drinks - Irma Patiño

The art of mixing drinks

Mixing drinks is without doubt an art An art form that, like others, takes great sensitivity. intelligence, knowledge, talent and above all. a personal touch. The cocktail is a balanced mixed of two or more drinks, which when blended in harmony, produce a distinct flavor, although one does not stand out over the others.

Por Irma Patiño


Manuel Pujol Baladas - Ricardo Vázquez / Viridiana Barahona

Manuel Pujol Baladas

Each brushstroke in the work of renowned Catalan painter Manuel Pujol Baladas mirrors not only the artist’s personal talent, but also deep feelings and experiences.

For this reason the artist considers the act of painting to be a state of impersonation where people stop being themselves and suddenly become artists. ‘The advantage that we have as painters is that everyone dares to paint”, he says.

Por Ricardo Vázquez / Viridiana Barahona


Tips & Tops Quebec - Amura

Tips & Tops Quebec

Tips & Tops Quebec

Por Amura