Winter is Coming - AMURA

Winter is Coming

Winter is coming with a festive spirit and conveys a variety of color and brightness. The metallic details and the gold mirror effect are here to stand out over dark shades like olive green and gray, which are so characteristic of the coldest seasons; however, designers continue to find ways to combine pieces that contrast and create art on the runways.



SIAR Mexico City 2016 - AMURA

SIAR Mexico City 2016

This past October, the 10th edition of the SIAR took place in Mexico City. The event continues to be a success as it expands its sphere of influence in the world of upscale watchmaking.



Saint Lucia - Maruchy Behmaras

Saint Lucia

There is a place that has been able to maintain an unspoiled state, free from large buildings, industries or overexploitation of its resources. It exists permanently in bloom with hundreds of species that emanate exquisite fragrances and decorate their transparent environment.

Por Maruchy Behmaras


Hotel Matilda - Hotel Matilda

Hotel Matilda

A hotel becomes a destination when it beckons the most selective travelers seeking sophisticated, one-of-a-kind lifestyle experiences in a stylish luxury atmosphere. And Mexico’s hottest destination today is Hotel Matilda.

Por Hotel Matilda


Jade Mountain Hotel St. Lucia - Andres Ordorica

Jade Mountain Hotel St. Lucia

 The Jade Mountain Hotel is a romantic and colorful hotel located on the southeastern corner of St. Lucia, inside the 600-hectare Anse Chastanet estate. This tremendously spacious and bold architectural project was conceived by Nick Troubetzkoy to offer guests some of the most spectacular and attractive views of the ocean and St. Lucia’s Pitons.

Por Andres Ordorica


Sugar Beach a Viceroy Resort - Andres Ordorica

Sugar Beach a Viceroy Resort

The old Jalousie plantation was recently renovated at a cost of eighty million dollars, and has turned into an imposing and blindingly white resort: the Sugar Beach Resort. It is frequently found at the top of the list of places to stay in St. Lucia.

Por Andres Ordorica


Cap Maison Hotel - Andres Ordorica

Cap Maison Hotel

The hotel boutique Cap Maison is located near the northernmost point of St. Lucia. This exclusive resort is part of the area known as Cap Estate. The hotel is typical of  Caribbean architecture, influenced by colonial-era Spanish designs.

Por Andres Ordorica


Rainforest Hideaway - Donovan Shii

Rainforest Hideaway

Visiting the Rainforest Hideaway is like sailing into a secluded and infinitely romantic paradise. The restaurant stands over the water by the shores of Marigot Bay, surrounded by mangroves and wilderness.

Por Donovan Shii


Big Chef  Steakhouse - Donovan Shii

Big Chef Steakhouse

Located in Rodney Bay, near Bay Walk and Gros Islet, the Big Chef Steakhouse offers an extensive menu of the best Angus beef cuts in Saint Lucia. it is a treat for steak lovers who are also looking for local flavors and seafood, in addition to a premium wine list and a delicious variety of cocktails at the Lounge Bar.

Por Donovan Shii


Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T - Daniel Marchand M. / MM Classics.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T

On September 29, 2016, Ferrari announced the turbo version of the already successful four-seat GTC4Lusso. Amateurs will say that the Turbo version is no different from the last edition

Por Daniel Marchand M. / MM Classics.


Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 - Daniel Marchand M. / MM Classics.

Vision Mercedes Maybach 6

Gorden Wagener, head of the Daimler AG project, said that the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 embodied the company’s design philosophy of sensual purity and the pursuit of aerodynamic efficiency.

Por Daniel Marchand M. / MM Classics.


New Panamera Porsche - Pablo Del Rio Dib

New Panamera Porsche

The year of 2016 has been one of the best in the history of Porsche in Mexico. Up until October, we have increased our sales from the previous year by 18%. Only a few months ago we celebrated the 15th anniversary of our presence in the country, and now, we reinforce this success by delivering our 10,000th vehicle: an incredible Cayman GT4.

Por Pablo Del Rio Dib


Galactica Super Nova  - Heesen Yachts

Galactica Super Nova

Frans Heesen founded his shipping company in Holland in 1978, with a mission to build exceptional yachts. After 30 successful years, the dream lives on with their most recent launch that was christened by its owners as Galactica Super Nova, a 229.66-footer—the largest of the Dutch shipyard.

Por Heesen Yachts


The new  Sea Ray L-Class Yacht L650 - Performance Boats

The new Sea Ray L-Class Yacht L650

The American company Sea Ray was founded in 1959 by Cornelius Nathaniel Ray III in Oxford, Michigan. Ever since, it has evolved and continued to prove its capacity to innovate. Sea Ray has been committed to build yachts that excel in both comfort and performance, and the L650 L-Class Yacht is no exception, designed with your needs and comfort in mind.

Por Performance Boats


Rolex Sidney Hobart Oceanic Regatta - AMURA

Rolex Sidney Hobart Oceanic Regatta

The mythical oceanic regatta from Sydney to Hobart will take place from December 26, 2016, to the 1st of January, 2017. This event celebrates its 72nd consecutive race, one that has become an aspiration for European and American sailors. For Australians, though, it is a national institution on the level of cricket or rugby.



ROLEX Oyster Perpetual 40 - AMURA

ROLEX Oyster Perpetual 40

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 40, a certified Swiss chronometer, will be awarded to the winner of the race. It is sporty and elegant, fitting for any occasion; it suits the demanding oceanic conditions as well as it suits a relaxed yacht club lounge.



Caribbean Sea - Mariana Mares

Caribbean Sea

Even though the Caribbean Sea, also called the Sea of the Antilles, is one of the most extensive in the world—spanning approximately 2,763,800 km2 (1,063,000 mi2), and estimated to be around 160 to 180 million years old—remained hidden from the “Old World,” that is to say, Eurasia, which, despite having never been to Africa and the shores of Asia, knew of the existence of Japan and South Africa.

Por Mariana Mares


Saint Lucia Amazon - Ashanti Rojano

Saint Lucia Amazon

In the central region of the island of Saint Lucia, in the density of the rainforests of considerable biodiversity, there is a multicolor bird, native of the Caribbean island: the Saint Lucia Amazon.

Por Ashanti Rojano


Polo in Mexico - Federación Mexicana de Polo

Polo in Mexico

Polo is one of the oldest team sports in the world. The first tournament on record was held in 600 BC in northern Persia. From here, it spread to the West through the Mongol incursions across Constantinople.

Por Federación Mexicana de Polo


Derek Walcott - Ashanti Rojano

Derek Walcott

Art always imitates a fraction of reality, history, culture and the psyche of the artist. This is true in Derek Walcott’s work, native of Saint Lucia, who illustrates Caribbean daily life through the metaphors of his poems and the action in his plays.

Por Ashanti Rojano


Creole Universe - Maruchy Behmaras

Creole Universe

The coming together of worlds, which took place in the Americas 524 years ago, generated an endless series of consequences; among them we can celebrate the forthcoming of different languages and cultures that resulted from the intermixture of diverse nations that converged in the universe called “the Great Caribbean”

Por Maruchy Behmaras


Tips & Tops Saint Lucia - AMURA

Tips & Tops Saint Lucia

Tips & Tops Saint Lucia