Winter on the cities - Martha Jauffred

Winter on the cities

Discovering what is hidden behind the horizon is the challenge that drives us to travelin search always for the farthest cities. Inthe immensity of the world man faces the chaosand the order that meet to form magnificentscenes in which life's conditions are as extreme asthey are beautiful.

Por Martha Jauffred


Perpetual Calendar - Enrique Rosas

Perpetual Calendar

Kurt Klaus created over 20 years ago the genial perpetual calendar of Da Vinci. This brilliant watchmaker that works and carries out developments since 50 years ago for IWC, was interviewed by Amura.

Por Enrique Rosas


International HighWatchmaker Salon Mexico 2007 - Rafael Luna Grajeda

International HighWatchmaker Salon Mexico 2007

For the first time in Latin America the most coveted firms of high watchmaker's shop metwith their great creations. There, exceptionallimited edition clocks could be seen, and also conceptual, unique pieces and the last news of 2007.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Escocia - Patrick Monney


The Scottish coasts are outlined by the rhythm of the tides, alternating rugged cliffs, sandy beaches and gentle hills in theeast, tall mountains resisting the aggressive sea inthe west, and beautiful fiords and enchanted isles.

Por Patrick Monney


Jordania - Jolanda Bonazzola de BCD Travel


The ancient Nabataea city of Petra, excavated in the rock a thousand years ago, has been the most famous image of Jordan for a long time. Although Petra is of the most impressive attractions of the Near Orient, Jordan holds much more attractions for the tourist today.

Por Jolanda Bonazzola de BCD Travel


Victoria, British Columbia Canadá - Patrick Monney

Victoria, British Columbia Canadá

In the South point of the island of Vancouver, Victoria has a pleasant weather and sun, and the green hills display wonderful colorful gardens. Its port is a natural refuge, beautiful, at the bottom of The Empress Hotel.

Por Patrick Monney


Peñiscola, España - Patrick Monney

Peñiscola, España

In the Mediterranean Coast, to the north of Valencia, Peñiscola is located on top of a rock, surrounded by sea and connected to the territory by a small fringe of land. Ancient Arab fortress was see of the Pope Luna.

Por Patrick Monney


La Agostura, Argentina - Patrick Monney

La Agostura, Argentina

At the bottom of The Andes, the region of the Argentinean lakes surprises for its majesty and the beauty of its nature. The Angostura is a small cozy town that is sheltered in a bay of the lake, in the middle of the forest, with its charming Las Balsas Hotel.

Por Patrick Monney


Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park - Amura

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

In London's heart with an exceptional view over Hyde Park a star shines that welcomes the travelers with fabulous luxury. After admiring its majestic facade, the Mandarin Oriental is a noble invitation to climb its monumental stairway to enter in the world of refinement and let you pamper within a glorious atmosphere.

Por Amura


Flamingo Daze - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Flamingo Daze

Sitting on the shores of Lake Ijsselmeer, the Hakvoort boatyard presents the Flamingo Daze, designed exclusively so that its owner may sail the world intensively but with low maintenance and great technical accessibility.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Zoom Zoom  - Edmundo A. Eguiarte

Zoom Zoom

From bow to stern, every detail surprises and stimulates the desire on boarding this impressive yacht. Once onboard, one realizes why this nautical beauty is so named; because it's more, more and more.

Por Edmundo A. Eguiarte


116 Azimut - Rafael Luna Grajeda

116 Azimut

The new Azimut 116 yacht has mirror type windows that reflect the epitome of modem Italian design. As one of the main yacht builders in the world. Azimut has continually defied the rules to create yachts that exceed its customers requirements and its own expectations.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Un Bisbee´s blanco y negro a todo color - Juan Manuel Orbea

Un Bisbee´s blanco y negro a todo color

As has happened for 27 years, last October the Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament 2007 was held in Los Cabos. Bisbee’s Black & Blue is the most important fishing tournament in the world, in which fishing boats from all over the world gather for a chance to win the prize of US$5 million, the biggest prize for tournament of this nature.

Por Juan Manuel Orbea


Pelícanos - Eduardo Lugo


The pelicans are easily recognizable due to their particular beak. It counts with a bag in the inferior maxillary which gives them the sloppy and clumsy appearance, even though it’s truly one of the birds that better fly. And not only that they also swim and dive.

Por Eduardo Lugo


850 Challenger - Laura Velázquez

850 Challenger

One of the characteristics of the executive jets, specially the widebody (wide cabin), is the easiness to adapt to the needs of the companies that look for an ideal transport for their executives.

Por Laura Velázquez



Cocina refinanda en Escocia - Patrick Monney

Cocina refinanda en Escocia

Region of hearty eaters, Scotland seduces with excellent tables created by outstanding chefs who compete in refinement. The dishes are elaborated with exceptional products, and what to say about the whisky, the incredible smoked salmon, as well as the other fishes, or the mutton that is prepared with flavor and the sausages as the haggis (stuffed paunch) or the morcilla... Are exquisite specialties. 

Por Patrick Monney


Olafur Eliasson - Anarela Vargas

Olafur Eliasson

The exhibition Take your time: Olafur Eliasson, which is actually presented in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and will last until February of 2008. compels a great spectrum of the projects realized by the artist since 1993. This retrospective, of halfway through the artistic trajectory, will be pre- senting subsequently in: the Museum of Modern Art, Nueva York; Dallas Museum of Art; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Australia.

Por Anarela Vargas