Spring to the Root - AMURA

Spring to the Root

Monochromatic is the protagonist of the season. Making a stunning declaration of relevance. Black and white, innovative by their spring appearance are of important presence in all the big names of this industry, in conjunction with fresh textiles like linen, Egyptian cotton and seersucker.



South Sea Pearl Collection - Luis Peyrelongue

South Sea Pearl Collection

What woman doesn't feel identified with pearls? Not only because of their perfection and beauty, but for the excitement that they provoke to those who proudly wear them.

Por Luis Peyrelongue


IWC Constant Force Worth of a connoisseur - Luis Peyrelongue

IWC Constant Force Worth of a connoisseur

Once again we are at AMURA. This time to tell you about the fabulous world of watchmaking, which year after year, manages to surprise us by taking advantage of the technological progress and aesthetic proposals that arise, and producing numerous models and brands which are embellished with their best pieces. A perfect example is the new IWC’s Ingenieur Constant-Force Tourbillon.

Por Luis Peyrelongue


Adelaide, Australia Paradise of a Happy Life - Alfonso López Collada

Adelaide, Australia Paradise of a Happy Life

Australia, a huge country which America has little knowledge. As an example, let’s take its cities. When you see or hear the word “Australia” quite possibly the first image that comes to mind is the Opera House in Sydney, the contour of the map, a kangaroo, some music personality or the aborigines.

Por Alfonso López Collada


Park Hyatt Sydney Hotel  - Acenet Pineda

Park Hyatt Sydney Hotel

On the east side of the Park Hyatt Sydney, at the foot of its magnificent windows, is the Sydney Cove Sea. At 500 meters, stands the proud architecture of the Sydney Opera House and to the north, the imposing structure of the Sydney Bridge Pier. The typical Hyatt architecture integrates the scene without aesthetic conflict.

Por Acenet Pineda


Qualia Resort, Hamilton Island, Queensland - AMURA

Qualia Resort, Hamilton Island, Queensland

The Qualia Resort hotel was awarded with “Best Resort in the World 2012” and “Traveler’s Choice 2013”. It is no wonder; this hotel offers the traveler a distinctly Australian experience with a high degree of excellence, quality and privacy. Located at Hamilton Island and on the beaches of the Coral Sea, the Qualia offers the ravishing landscape of the South Pacific, private pools and a dream beach.



Londres  Sidney  Queensland  Gold Coast - Leslie J. López

Londres Sidney Queensland Gold Coast

We are at “The City”, the great city on the Thames. Our flight will take off to Sydney from the vast Heathrow International Airport at 10:05 pm. This requires us to take advantage of the day to the fullest, so let’s defy time. We can’t forget the hours needed to perform the check-in smoothly, we must still visit Buckingham Palace.

Por Leslie J. López


 Bungee in Costa Rica - AMURA

Bungee in Costa Rica

 Bungee in Costa Rica



Cuba - AMURA





Tailandia Chiang Mai - AMURA

Tailandia Chiang Mai

Tailandia Chiang Mai



Siem Riep Cambodia - AMURA

Siem Riep Cambodia

Siem Riep Cambodia



Quay Restaurant, The best of Australia - AMURA

Quay Restaurant, The best of Australia

Peter Gilmore is the Master Chef at Quay. It is due to him that this restaurant owns the credit of being placed at the 27th place in the prestigious list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, the first in all of Australia. 



Sono restaurant - AMURA

Sono restaurant

The director of Sono Restaurant in Brisbane, studied accounting, but found out that this profession posed him with very few challenges and offered him little gratification . Then he bought a restaurant that was failing to succeed in the Queen Street Mall shopping center. He paid $ 380,000 Australian Dlls (400,000 US Dlls, nearly 5 million pesos).



Sanlorenzo SD110 - Javier Navarro

Sanlorenzo SD110

Late this year, the new Sanlorenzo “Trideck” semi-displacement SD110 will be launched. This new creation is backed by the knowledge and prestige accumulated over the years, since 1958, when the shipyard where the Sanlorenzo yachts are constructed. The shipyard builds vessels that are distinguished by their elegance, design, quality and innovation that each unit provides. 

Por Javier Navarro


Pershing 82 - Jorge  Varela

Pershing 82

The Ferreti shipyard takes a contemporary reinterpretation of its predecessor, the Pershing 80, with the innovative Pershing 82. It long, slender superstructure enhances its sporty and elegant style.

Por Jorge Varela


The Mexico remote - Alberto Friscione Carrascosa

The Mexico remote

Iwas in Mexico City at a meeting on the conservation of sharks. Just before it started, my phone rang, it was Manolo Victoria, from Veracruz. He excitedly said “Get ready, because we’re going to the Revillagigedo”. 

Por Alberto Friscione Carrascosa


The eternal competition between engineering and design.  - AMURA

The eternal competition between engineering and design.

At the top of the Sportive cars universe, the runaway technological evolution is outrun only by the vertiginous advance of the creativity of the best global names. Jaguar rescues its tradition with its new version of the F-Type, while Alfa Romeo and Lamborghini launch their admirable best ideas in exclusive limited editions.



Great Tequilas of Mexico - LA EUROPEA

Great Tequilas of Mexico

La Europea is celebrating 60 years of providing audiences in Mexico with a high level of quality products and low prices throughout its 40 branches nationwide. La Europea’s leadership has been consistent in the marketing of wines, spirits, Spanish cod and gourmet foods, offering its distinguished clientele innovative events and introduction of new products of high quality.



Margaret Olley - AMURA

Margaret Olley

Margaret Hannah Olley was an Australian artist who had over 90 exclusive exhibitions during her life. She was born in Lismore, New South Wales, on July 24, 1923 and died at her home in Paddington on July 26, 2011, she was 88 years old.



The Moscow Art - Alfonso López Collada

The Moscow Art

Travel to Moscow, is an experience like no other. Since regaining it’s status as the capital of Russia in 1918, the city gradually rose to a whole new level. Moscow, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Russia, offers a countless number of possibilities for the art lover. 

Por Alfonso López Collada


Mesopotamia - Alejandra Lugo


If the Garden of Eden ever existed, probably it was ancient Mesopotamia.

Being the cradle of mankind’s first civilizations, Situated between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, even further away from what we find in textbooks, this region located in what in modern days is Iraq and the Near East, was the home of people as old as the Babylonians, Sumerians and Assyrians.

Por Alejandra Lugo


Lake Titicaca, Pre- Hispanic ethnicities  - Leslie J. López

Lake Titicaca, Pre- Hispanic ethnicities

Lake Titicaca is a natural border between Peru and Bolivia. The city of Puno, in the southeastern part of Peru, serves as a gateway to discover this beautiful natural setting.

Por Leslie J. López


Tips & Tops Australia - AMURA

Tips & Tops Australia

Tips & Tops Australia



Grupo Estoril, Dedication, passion and devotion since 1971 - AMURA

Grupo Estoril, Dedication, passion and devotion since 1971

Forty two years ago a story was born on the Zona Rosa avenue in Mexico City, the first Estoril restaurant opened its doors to the public  at  Genova Street. Founded by Rosa Margarita and Guillaume Martin, along side Chef Pedro Ortega, whos cuisine gave the rename which has been sustained unil this day. The menu has achieved to create an excellent balance; managing the union of the beauty in traditional Mexican and French cuisine: Perejil Estoril, Escargots of the house, Huitlacoche Crepes, Pato with Mole among others.