The Most Amazing gifts for this Season - Germán Nájera

The Most Amazing gifts for this Season

Choosing the perfect gift is not an easy task. Taking the right decision when faced with an endless list of splendid options is of course, much less simple when the intention is to give somebody something that is not only beautiful, but also emotional.

Por Germán Nájera


The Nautilus - AMURA

The Nautilus

It was 1976, the age of great change in all aspects of humanity when the high-end watch maker Patek Philippe surprised the world with the launch of its “Nautilus” model.



Southern Cone - Patrick Monney

Southern Cone

The southern seas are of an astonishing color and invite you to lose yourself in their sumptuous sceneries, where the ice is reflected in the static water and the wind stirs the waves. Penguins fish, seals warm themselves in the sun and the mountains compete with the plains. 

Por Patrick Monney


Bariloche and the Lakes of Chile - Patrick Monney

Bariloche and the Lakes of Chile

The Bariloche region is a majestic area of lakes surrounded by the forest-covered Andes. The Nahuel Huapi Lake extends its blue waters to the high mountains that have to be crossed to reach the Todos los Santos and the Llanquihue lakes on the Chilean side.

Por Patrick Monney


Anse Marcel, Saint Martin - Patrick Monney

Anse Marcel, Saint Martin

Anse Marcel, Saint Martin

Por Patrick Monney


Bora Bora, Polinesia Francesa - Patrick Monney

Bora Bora, Polinesia Francesa

Bora Bora, Polinesia Francesa

Por Patrick Monney


Ivujivik, Quebec - Patrick Monney

Ivujivik, Quebec

Ivujivik, Quebec

Por Patrick Monney


Marbella, España     - Patrick Monney

Marbella, España

Marbella, España           

Por Patrick Monney


Montreal - AMURA


Montreal is a city that enchants all who visit it. With its brilliant atmosphere, full of parties and celebrations all year round; it is the perfect place to enjoy yourself, go shopping and fill yourself with a European ambiences without having to cross the Atlantic.



Nicolás Felizola - AMURA

Nicolás Felizola

A winner like the very few, Nicolás Felizola showed in the sixth Caracas Fashion Week why he has achieved that so many well-known artists show off his creations and conquer the red carpets at the Grammy, Billboard and Lo Nuestro awards.



Estoril - AMURA


With a tradition of 35 years, the Grupo Estoril restaurants are a guarantee of Mexican haute cuisine and a refined and comfortable atmosphere.



Fine real estate Hacienda Vista Real & Spa - Amura

Fine real estate Hacienda Vista Real & Spa

The Riviera Maya stands out for its great beauty, but at this wonderful destination there are places that are true Gardens of Eden. So, if you want to spend some unforgettable vacations, we invite you to stay at the Hacienda Vista Real Resort where paradise is not a destination, but a lifestyle.

Por Amura


Los Notros - Patrick Monney

Los Notros

The Los Notros hotel is one of those amazing places that surprise and impress and leave a marvelous, indelible mark on your memory. It is an extraordinary experience and discovering Perito Moreno when lodged in Los Notros allows guests to enjoy the fabulous scenery, one that has no comparison in any other part of the world. 

Por Patrick Monney


SY Athena - Viridiana Barahona / Juan carlos Fonseca

SY Athena

Considered to be the largest aluminum yacht in the world, the SY Athena of Royal Huisman Yachts is without doubt impressive in the full sense of the word because of its extraordinary multiple qualities and build quality, not only in its design, but also in its architecture, engineering and craftsmanship, which “causes a lot of pride” according to those in the yachting community. 

Por Viridiana Barahona / Juan carlos Fonseca


Squadrum 68 - Juan Carlos Fonseca

Squadrum 68

This two-decked vessel sports an aggressive looking bow.  The bow features a rest area with a dining room and comfortable leather seats that accomodate up to six people, as well as a reclining sun deck where passenger can enjoy the ocean’s marvels.

Por Juan Carlos Fonseca


Phantom 50 - Juan Carlos Fonseca

Phantom 50

Without a doubt some vessels are made only once, which is clearly the case of the Phantom 50 of Fairline, a vessel whose looks and performance place it in the vanguard.

Por Juan Carlos Fonseca


Azimut 55E - Edmundo Eguiarte

Azimut 55E

This Azimut is the living example of the evolution of a brand, from there the “E” of the model, the “E” of evolution which is exactly what this vessel represents.  It’s little more than 17 meters is packed with technology, which is the essence to the yacht: EVOLUTION.

Por Edmundo Eguiarte


Atlantis 50 - Atlantic Nautic Press

Atlantis 50

If the Atlantis 55 of Gobbi S.P.A. achieved great success, then much more is expected of the Atlantis 50, which will be officially launched next spring.

Por Atlantic Nautic Press


Four Seasons Resort Carmelo - Patrick Monney

Four Seasons Resort Carmelo

This course, in a place where the scenery is rolling and vineyards inhabit the hills, is located on the banks of the Río de la Plata, which flows into the Uruguay River. In these surroundings you will find one of the five best 18-hole golf courses in South America. 

Por Patrick Monney


Traveling to Borneo, Indonesia - Alberto Friscione Carrascosa

Traveling to Borneo, Indonesia

This journey, although planned in advance, started like many others, in a rush, but also full of happiness and optimism. So on October 22, I found myself on the plane traveling to the other side of the world. 

Por Alberto Friscione Carrascosa


Wonderful Mexican Whales - Eduardo Lugo

Wonderful Mexican Whales

Mexico is one of the most important places in the world for the study and conservation of whales, especially great whales, as well as the observation of their recreational habits.

Por Eduardo Lugo


The AMURA Team qualifies for the world championship! - Manuel Villareal

The AMURA Team qualifies for the world championship!

This year, various qualifying events have taken place to determine which Mexican yachts will represent our country in the next world J24 Class Championship to be held in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco in March 2007.

Por Manuel Villareal


Traveling in the presidential suite - Laura Velázquez

Traveling in the presidential suite

Now not only the President of the United States will be the master of the skies with Air Force I and II following the launch of the VIP versions of the 787 Dreamliner and del 747-8 models.

Por Laura Velázquez


Modelos 2007 - Robbie Peterson S.

Modelos 2007

The year 2007 has already begun for car makers, who are now busy finalizing preparation to launch a series of daring and avant-garde models that — based on design, technology and performance — will bewitch the hearts of speed and performance enthusiasts.

Por Robbie Peterson S.


Pablo Campoy - Patrick Monney

Pablo Campoy

After having studied with the best chefs of Europe, Pablo decided to settle in the Hostería Las Balsas in Villa La Angostura on the edge of the Nahuel Huapi Lake.  He has developed his own signature cuisine, featuring an ample variety of fresh aromas and natural and smoky flavors which invite diners to enjoy fish and the meat of wild animals surrounded by wonderful fragrances.

Por Patrick Monney


A glass for every drink - Enrique Rosas

A glass for every drink

To enjoy wine, champagne, cognac and many other drinks one needs the ideal glass to bring out the original flavor of each drink. The only company in the world that specializes in producing glasses for each drink is Riedel.

Por Enrique Rosas