The brightness of glamour - AMURA

The brightness of glamour

Winter comes, coats dominate the streets, the leafless trees form a dreary and monotonous landscape. What better opportunity to challenge it with color.



Yukon - Patrick Monney


To the north, where days never erase the light in summer and nights are eternal in winter, I found adventure on its pure state, the last frontier of the Gold Rush. Here, the ghosts of the great pioneers glide on the streets of Whitehorse, and the SS Klondike reigns on the edge of the Yukon River, with its elegant wooden silhouette and its large rear wheel as witness of the past.

Por Patrick Monney


Edinburgh, Scotland - AMURA

Edinburgh, Scotland

 Edinburgh, Scotland



Taos, United States - AMURA

Taos, United States

Taos, United States



Tromso, Norway - AMURA

Tromso, Norway

Tromso, Norway



Paraty, Brazil - AMURA

Paraty, Brazil

Paraty, Brazil



Takhini River Lodge - Patrick Monney

Takhini River Lodge

The moon appeared over the mountain at midnight, as the sun went to his appointment and reddened the horizon. And in the middle of the two, the Takhini River Lodge shone with great charm in the middle of a small meadow surrounded by mountains, near the Takhini River at 45minutes Whitehorse.

Por Patrick Monney


Casa Pan de Miel - Patrick Monney

Casa Pan de Miel

Immersed in the pool, and enjoying the sumptuous warmth of the Oaxacan coast, one sinks into a sense of supreme pleasure, enjoying the wonderful view over the beach and San Agustinillo Mazunte. The view is lost in the folds of the mountains, islands and Punta Cometa, the southernmost tip of the North American continent.

Por Patrick Monney


Quinta Essentia - Jesús Salazar

Quinta Essentia

Quinta Essentia is a project conceived by the company Nakhimov and Heesen Yachts, this is a ship built entirely of aluminum to 55 meters in length which has the power to reach a speed of 24 knots through its pair of diesel engines MTU 20V 4000 M93L of 4,300 KW.

Por Jesús Salazar


Picchiotti  Galileo G - Edmundo A. Eguiarte

Picchiotti Galileo G

With the colors of the night in which Galileo Galilei observed the stars through his telescope, Galileo G Picchiotti sails the northern seas, ready for the conditions of navigation during the winter. White and black tones are enough to decorate a ship with straight, solemn lines, appropriate to challenge the extreme temperatures of the season.

Por Edmundo A. Eguiarte


Royal  Falcon Fleet 135 Porsche Design - Efrén Belmont

Royal Falcon Fleet 135 Porsche Design

When two companies with a long career or reputation behind them in their respective fields come together to bring to light a new concept, can only result in a masterpiece. This is how The Porsche Design Group and Royal Falcon Fleet come together to create a ship that combines an ultra modern appearance with functionality: the RFF135 Catamaran. 

Por Efrén Belmont


Chronicle of a discovery at the sea - Alberto Friscione Carrascosa

Chronicle of a discovery at the sea

I’ve always been a follower of dreams and adventures, many times I have spent days at sea looking for the fishing myths and legends, like a cave full of sharks, some old galleons laden with precious jewels and even a German submarine. What I’ve been able to find are beautiful underwater scenery in which very few people have been, as well as spectacular wildlife.

Por Alberto Friscione Carrascosa


Bisbee’s 2011 - Mario Ramírez

Bisbee’s 2011

The dream of every fisherman is to catch a marlin, a species considered one of the best jewels and treasures of the sea. Luck is the boss, hence for more than 30 years that dream come true for Bob Robert Bisbee, who began a game among friends with a purse of $ 5,000, and now has passed the baton to new generations leaving a legacy to his sons Wayne and Patricia Bisbee, giving rise to one of the tournaments that has managed to be the largest in the world for its prizes in some years has exceeded $ 4 million.

Por Mario Ramírez


Traces of the future - Gustavo Pérez

Traces of the future

The year closes, and with it goes memories of dreams fulfilled and hanging pledges. And as in all evolutionary cycle, species give way to new bearing characteristics inherited from a parent or a whole new copy.

Por Gustavo Pérez


The Raven - Patrick Monney

The Raven

At the gateway to Kluane National Park in Yukon, in the midst of the great outdoors, and at the foot of snowcapped mountains, there is the finest restaurant around Yukon. It is a blue wooden homestead which houses the restaurant and the charming hotel, and its delight is in charge of chef Victor Bongo, a native of Congo, Africa.

Por Patrick Monney


Casa Oaxaca - Patrick Monney

Casa Oaxaca

Close to the convent and church of Santo Domingo, Casa Oaxaca invites to enjoy the colonial city downtown full of decorated streets, colorful houses and windows of long bars. In the Calle Garcia Vigil down to the cathedral, there is this long blue house with its high lights and through the open wooden door, we get to a white space decorated with wood, minimalist style, and the wonderful people that opens the senses that vibrate between these walls welcome us.

Por Patrick Monney


Royal Salute 62 - Andrés Ordorica

Royal Salute 62

In 1843, Chivas Brothers—a high-end grocer owned by John and James Chivas in Aberdeen, Scotland—was granted a Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria as grocery purveyor to Her Majesty, and the brand has maintained its association with the British royal family ever since. The brothers began making fine whiskies in the 1850s, and when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953, Chivas Brothers created a special whisky under a new brand, Royal Salute, to commemorate the occasion.

Por Andrés Ordorica


British Design 1948-2012:  Innovation in  the Modern Age - Victoria & Albert Museum

British Design 1948-2012: Innovation in the Modern Age

The Victoria & Albert Museum major spring exhibition will showcase the best of British design and creative talent from the 1948 ‘Austerity Olympics’ to the summer of 2012. It will be the first comprehensive exhibition to examine the ways in which artists and designers who were born, trained or working in the UK have produced innovative and internationally acclaimed works from post-war to the present day.

Por Victoria & Albert Museum


Hotelito  Mío - Mario Ramírez

Hotelito Mío

Hidden like a closely guarded secret, Hotelito Mío is located in Playa Caballo, in Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco. And in it we find a combination of excellent service, simplicity and a truly warm and welcoming atmosphere, all with the purpose of making guests feel as if they were home.

Por Mario Ramírez


Tips & Tops Yukon - AMURA

Tips & Tops Yukon

Tips & Tops Yukon