Gifts for her - AMURA

Gifts for her

In order to pamper mothers, Amura selects 100 different options that will enchant them. Strokes of color, styles, good taste and elegance are available in accessories like handbags, watches, rings, necklaces and even spring collections that present the ideal clothing for the season direct from the principal European capitals.


Bali * Lombok - Patrick Monney

Bali * Lombok

Right in the heart of Indonesia are two islands that rival in beauty and that invite visitors to discover their seas which alternate between calm and angry, long and strong waves, idyllic bays and dangerous reefs. Bali is Hindu, Lombok Muslim: rice paddies adorn them, volcanoes threaten them, monkeys entertain them and the people make them smile.

Por Patrick Monney


Gods, music and dances: A play of hands - Anaís de Melo

Gods, music and dances: A play of hands

The play of hands is very important in Bali. Artisans make stone statues of their gods with their hands in positions that are filled with significance. Contorted fingers, playing with natural objects, are the extension of the expression of the eyes.

Por Anaís de Melo


Mombasa - Patrick Monney



Por Patrick Monney


Istanbul - Patrick Monney



Por Patrick Monney


Miami - Patrick Monney



Por Patrick Monney


Barcelona - Patrick Monney



Por Patrick Monney


The Peace Everyone is Looking For - Adriana Ortega

The Peace Everyone is Looking For

Even though the arid California desert made adaptation difficult, vestiges found there indicate that this area has been inhabited by man since 10,000 a.c.

Por Adriana Ortega


Espíritu Santo - Adriana Ortega

Espíritu Santo

The La Paz area is traversed by the Coromuel winds. Considered a great event during summer sunsets, the name of these winds comes from the pirate Cromwell who, thanks to the currents of the same name, arrived in La Paz Bay.

Por Adriana Ortega


Flamigo Daze - Phil deKanter

Flamigo Daze

The Flamingo Haze strikes the perfect balance of elegance, comfort and adventure. Built in Holland in the renowned Hakvoort Shipyard, this 151 foot luxury motor yacht offers the guests, from top to bottom, from front to stern, the feeling of limitless options for recreation, dining and relaxing in intimate luxury.

Por Phil deKanter


Princess 50 - Phil deKanter

Princess 50

Speeding across the waters at a comfortable 27 to 32 knots (depending on the choice of Volvo Penta twin engines), this sleek 50 foot yacht is a marvel of yacht design, fitting many features into spaces that larger vessels have trouble making room for.

Por Phil deKanter


Azimut 50 Flybridge - Phil deKanter

Azimut 50 Flybridge

From the drawing board to its first taste of water, the Azimut 50 has been designed with the future of luxury yacht production in mind, while living up to the Azimut dedication to quality and excellence. Perhaps the most exciting part of traveling on these fifty feet of elegance is the sightlines.

Por Phil deKanter


Mochi Craft 51’ Dolphin - Phil deKanter

Mochi Craft 51’ Dolphin

The exterior of the 51’Dolphin created by Mochi Craft is a charming memory of yesteryear. Her graceful profile reinterpret the natural shapes of the Maine lobster boats from the 1950’s, reproduced in a soft and harmonious hull, which to a certain extent evokes a dolphin’s shape.

Por Phil deKanter


Pershing 115 - Phil deKanter

Pershing 115

To the enthusiasm of the participants the new Pershing 115’ was launched in July 2004. This 115 foot maxi yacht, conceived by shipbuilder Fulcio De Simoni is the biggest yacht ever built by Pershing that is part of the Ferretti Group.

Por Phil deKanter


Benetti Classic 37 - Phil deKanter

Benetti Classic 37

This new 120 footer incorporates many of the developments available on the Benetti Classic line over the years, the philosophy being to bring to the market a larger yacht with similar accommodations and services as its 116 foot predecessor in more space and with one significant advantage – the Classic 120 conforms to the latest MCA safety rules.

Por Phil deKanter


Sunreef 74 - Phil deKanter

Sunreef 74

At the Monaco Boat Show in 2004, the new luxury catamaran, the Sunreef 74 astounded all the visitors with the quality of its construction and its detail work. It was at the Gdansk shipyards in Poland where the Lapp family of ship builders produced the first model of this magnificent catamaran. 

Por Phil deKanter


Alden 48 Aft Cockpit - Phil deKanter

Alden 48 Aft Cockpit

Created by the design office of John G. Alden of Boston, the classically styled 48 foot Alden sailing yacht falls right “in the middle” of the line and to many represents the “perfect” size. 

Por Phil deKanter


Corals - Montserrat Martínez


Corals grow and live mainly in the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican Caribbean. They are one of the most complex, diverse and underrated species on the planet.

Por Montserrat Martínez


La paz - Alberto Friscione Carrascosa

La paz

Mexicans are very fortunate. We live in a country of great biodiversity that has extensive coasts on the Gulf of Mexico, the great Pacific Ocean, the transparent Caribbean and the bountiful Sea of Cortez.

Por Alberto Friscione Carrascosa


Golf en la península - Laura Velázquez

Golf en la península

Going south, a little more than half an hour from La Paz, capital of Baja California, on the always spectacular Transpeninsular Highway—a long gray ribbon that links the entire peninsula—, there is a true haven for golfers longing to try new courses.

Por Laura Velázquez


The Oberoi Lombok - Patrick Monney

The Oberoi Lombok

Amidst lush vegetation, there is an extraordinary space where a beautiful, immense palm frond roof, raised up high to reach Nirvana, suddenly appears. Paradise opens onto an immense pool of water that separates into a fountain and a swimming pool, runs down to the jade sea and gets lost in the horizon.

Por Patrick Monney


Crown Plaza La Paz - Fabiola Galván

Crown Plaza La Paz

The Crown Plaza Las Paz hotel’s presidential suite is on the third floor of a building that looks like a hacienda. The room, where presidents Ernesto Zedillo and Vicente Fox have stayed, has a double view, both of the marina and the sea. 

Por Fabiola Galván


Marina La Paz - Fabiola Galván

Marina La Paz

This five-story hotel has a Master Suite on every floor, and each has a private balcony and a view of the sea, the city and the bay. 

Por Fabiola Galván


Los Arcos - Fabiola Galván

Los Arcos

This five-story hotel has a Master Suite on every floor, and each has a private balcony and a view of the sea, the city and the bay. The bedroom has a king-size bed and there is a living room, a custom kitchen as well as TV and Internet connection.

Por Fabiola Galván


La Concha - Fabiola Galván

La Concha

The Master Suite of this hotel is on the second floor. It comes with a king-size bed, private bathroom and a small Jacuzzi. It has a living room and a round dining room with four rattan chairs.

Por Fabiola Galván


Your office in the air - Laura Velázquez

Your office in the air

Specialists in mid-range planes, the Brazilian company Embraer offers executives and large companies the Legacy, a corporate jet ideal for getting to any part of the world in comfort, with a range of 3,200 miles (5,150 kilometers). 

Por Laura Velázquez


Mexican Wine - Georgina Estrada, sommelier del restaurante Le Cirque, Ciudad de México

Mexican Wine

Mexican wines are penetrating international markets and conquering the most demanding palates. It is said that a wine tradition is developing in our country but I think that we are living a renaissance.

Por Georgina Estrada, sommelier del restaurante Le Cirque, Ciudad de México


Kura Kura - Patrick Monney

Kura Kura

The Bali Oberoi is a corner of beauty and elegance on Kuta beach, where traditional stone buildings and statues of the gods blend together with charming lotus-filled pools and the gentle beauty of the people. It is a world that is very close to paradise, an Eden that invites us to enjoy a life of harmony accompanied by the murmur of the waves.

Por Patrick Monney


Exiled art in Mexico - Miguel Peraza

Exiled art in Mexico

The list of foreign artists who have come to Mexico to study, perfect their technique or broaden their knowledge is important and long. Occasionally, some of them succumbed to their destiny and settled here permanently. Mexico attracted these artists because of its schools, customs, climate and possibilities of economic development in relation to other Latin American countries during the 20th century.

Por Miguel Peraza


Tips & Tops Bali * Lombok - AMURA

Tips & Tops Bali * Lombok

Tips & Tops Bali * Lombok