Spring evolution - AMURA

Spring evolution

This 2015, spring trends are recreated in details with flower compositions and less conventional asymmetrical lines printed, which give clothing another dimension. In the designs, it is toyed with garments’ cutting geometry, where the beauty of the feminine shoulders is left exposed.



Immense shining - Berger Joyeros

Immense shining

The effect produced by a diamond is hypnotic, its own purity and brightness make it an irresistible piece, and an element of elevated significances that range from exquisite luxury to the most splendid concretion of love and commitment.

Por Berger Joyeros


Gran Premio de México 2015 - Amura / Corporate Travel Services

Gran Premio de México 2015

Corporate Travel Services, the only agency authorized by ClE to sell packs of this outstanding event through its Corporate VIP Solutions division, transforms this contest into a unique experience. 

Por Amura / Corporate Travel Services


Telcel Mexican Open 2015 adventure - AMURA

Telcel Mexican Open 2015 adventure

This year 2015, in Acapulco, Guerrero, the most prestigious tennis tournament in Latin America, the Mexican Open Telcel presented by HSBC lived it up with a successful ATP Hot Tour edition.



Madagascar - Ana María Morales


The tale tells that, in the past, Earth was inhabited by only one being, a very intelligent artisan called Ratovona. This greatly inventive man spent his time making things up with pieces of wood and clay.

Por Ana María Morales


Anjajavy Lodge  - Alejandra Millanes

Anjajavy Lodge

Anjajavy is a private accommodation lodge in a 450 hectare reserve, one of the lushest cottages at North East of Madagascar.

Por Alejandra Millanes


Mandrare River Camp - Daniela Esquer

Mandrare River Camp

In no other place you could wake up to the singing and dancing of a tribe with a rich ancestral culture, the Antandroy, in an exclusive camp on the bank of river Mandrare, soul of the region.

Por Daniela Esquer


Princesse Bora Lodge  - Amelia Watson

Princesse Bora Lodge

In the little isle of Saint Marie, right within the wild nature and tropical environment, the Princesse Bora Lodge’s charm outcrops as the ideal shelter to fuse with the peace and beauty of East Madagascar.

Por Amelia Watson


Red dragon - Alejandra Millanes

Red dragon

The demand and insight of an experienced regattist carried out the concretion of a high performance and exceptionally designed sailboat, when he entrusted it to the successful combine Dubois Naval Architects and Alloy Yachts; in order to create a yacht capable to sail around the world.

Por Alejandra Millanes


Navetta 37 - AMURA

Navetta 37

Navetta 37, the semi-displacement line new flagship, the scion of the Custom Line magnificent yacht generations, is the largest ever built in their history. She is a “Go Anywhere” yacht that boasts a state of the art design and technology.


Banc du Géysir - Suri Atri*

Banc du Géysir

The Banc du Géysir located in the northwest Mozambique channel, between Madagascar and Africa, is distinguished as one of the researchers and naturalists’ favorite diving sites; feared by the seamen for its dangerousness

Por Suri Atri*


Lemur - Rebeca Castillo


Despite many a person relates them with other animal species; lemurs belong to the primate order, thus being related with chimpanzees, apes and, of course, men. There are about 50 different species endemic of Madagascar. Amongst the best known species is the ring-tailed lemur, the indri, the gray mouse lemur, the aye-aye and the black lemur.

Por Rebeca Castillo


Panther chameleon - Alicia Gutiérrez

Panther chameleon

The Furcifer pardalis or panther chameleon is native of Madagascar, and can be found along the north and east coasts, and in the nearby isles like Mauricio and Reunion. There are different varieties, each one with its own colors and features, named after the place it inhabits.

Por Alicia Gutiérrez


What no returns of human creation and its habitat - Jesús Peraza Menéndez

What no returns of human creation and its habitat

The following, is a reflection, on some events that impinge on and move us. Who make the decision of dismantling the tangible and intangible signs of the cultural and aesthetic construction?

Por Jesús Peraza Menéndez


Africa Millennial Globalism - Jesús Peraza

Africa Millennial Globalism

The 40% of the world population inhabits Africa; a region with the lowest average age whose youth dimension, transforms it into the inception of another actuality; by carrying within its heritage the origin of human evolution.

Por Jesús Peraza


Africa,  the ancestral woman - Jesús Peraza Menéndez

Africa, the ancestral woman

Africa, remote history, everything points toward the fact that in this continent it started our long march to inhabit the planet and, likely, the universe. In this journey we go, so as the Africans enter the benefit of modernity with its transcendental history, that inhabits our guts.

Por Jesús Peraza Menéndez


Jean Sibelius Voice of the northern epics - Ricardo Rondón

Jean Sibelius Voice of the northern epics

Once a wise and sensitive critic said:”The music of Sibelius Here is music that not only from a Finnish heart but also the soul of Finland”. Here is an art of intrinsic worth  and substance, , instead of virtuoso showmanship, brilliant technical exhibitionism and revolutionary experimentation. 

Por Ricardo Rondón


Innovation, tradition and luxury - AMURA

Innovation, tradition and luxury

One of the foremost attractions for auto collectors or for those who enjoy the car-racing world is the variety of styles, forms and, above all, power.



Bridgestone America’s  Golf Cup - Lisandro Borges

Bridgestone America’s Golf Cup

It has not been an easy task to display the talent and golfing level of the American Continent, a cradle of so many stars in the list of the best golf players of history; in a tournament that balances the transcendence of this sportive discipline, with the most prestigious and great tradition of other world latitudes.

Por Lisandro Borges