Autumn - AMURA


We are about to enter a new season; time has flown by and fall is taking over 2015 and thereby elegance is accentuated in more sophisticated outfits, it allows us to ease in the moderate weather, which can carry a wide range of apparels in order to create interesting, sophisticated and expressive looks; it’s time to leave behind the prêt à porter.



Girard-Perregaux Tri-Axial in White gold - AMURA

Girard-Perregaux Tri-Axial in White gold

Once again, the firm Haute Horlogerie Girard-Perregaux demonstrates why it is a referent when it comes to the creation of unique tourbillon pieces; this time, the display is made with a new fine white gold version to admire it’s iconic Tri-Axial Tourbillon.



Malta - Lizethe Dagdug


Amasterpiece that constitutes three islands, product of a work that involves nature, humanity and what seems to be some sort of divine power, this is Malta. It’s ancient details; contemplative, museological and transcendent in every corner of this small territory elevate the experience of anyone who walks the scenery and peculiar streets of this destination.

Por Lizethe Dagdug


Vidalta - Vidalta


On the west side of town in Mexico City, situated at Bosques de las Lomas, Vidalta Parque Residencial can be drawn; one of the most innovative developments in the country where luxury and exclusivity are consolidated in the same place.

Por Vidalta


The Palace Malta - Isabel Ramírez

The Palace Malta

Located in the heart of Sliema, at just 20 minutes from the airport, The Palace has gained fame for its nice rooftop where a great ambience reigns brought by its infinity pool, which offers superb panoramic views and allows us to appreciate the beautiful historic medieval city of Mdina and the Mediterranean Sea.

Por Isabel Ramírez


Casa Ellul in La Valletta, Malta - Florenica Gutiérrez

Casa Ellul in La Valletta, Malta

Within an air of nostalgia given by its Victorian architecture, Casa Ellul is a hotel located in La Valletta; ever since the XIX century when it was built by the Ellul family it has gained the reputation of being the ideal site for an exceptional stay in Malta. It’s guests and visitors claim that one of it’s attractions is it’s unique connection with the past.

Por Florenica Gutiérrez


Palazzo Prince D’Orange - Lizethe Dagdug

Palazzo Prince D’Orange

Feeling in depth the soul of a destination is possible only through the experience of residing there; and that is precisely what the Palazzo Prince D’Orange offers. Having only 5 suites –which in fact are posh apartments—this XVII century baroque construction invites to live the authentic Maltese experience.

Por Lizethe Dagdug


Expedition “TESEO”, 50 m CRN Yacths -

Expedition “TESEO”, 50 m CRN Yacths

CRN, property of Ferretti Group, specialized in 50 to 90 meter aluminum vessels, by collaborating with Zuccon International Project, firm dedicated to nautical design and architecture, has developed three new models, including in them a semi-bespoke products line in order to meet the requirements of an ever more diversified and evolving market.



AB 145 Fipa - AMURA

AB 145 Fipa

The brand new AB Yachts flagship, the expected AB 145, was launched in Marina di Carrara, in the Port of Carrara, Italy; moment in which her all luxury, impressive 44m length, was the star.



Rolex Fastnet Race - AMURA

Rolex Fastnet Race

Aregatta to be remembered, that is the way the organizers themselves defined the 46th Rolex Fastnet Race; undoubtedly, this edition was meant to be special, because 2015 marks the 90th anniversary of the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) foundation; the same as the 1st competition of this nautical cup celebrated in 1925.



Rampilia - Gwen San / Florencia Gutiérrez / Alejandra Millanes


Abastion that was used to guard the city of Velleta, designed and built by the Knights of St. John in the XVI century, is, at present, the heart where it is hidden and, at the same time, discovered, a true gastronomic treasure.

Por Gwen San / Florencia Gutiérrez / Alejandra Millanes


Arzak - Gwen San / Florencia Gutiérrez / Alejandra Millanes


This restaurant’s cuisine offers it’s own creations out of a select Basque time-honored fare, the personal seal imprinted by it’s chefs Juan Mari Arzak and Elena Arzak Espina is unmatched.

Por Gwen San / Florencia Gutiérrez / Alejandra Millanes


Mugaritz - Gwen San / Florencia Gutiérrez / Alejandra Millanes


In a vast natural landscape, surrounded by woods and meadows, amongst a beautiful border of threes with whome it shares it’s name, we find Mugaritz. This restaurant offers a wonderful expirience that captures the eye and the palate.

Por Gwen San / Florencia Gutiérrez / Alejandra Millanes


Alinea - Gwen San / Florencia Gutiérrez / Alejandra Millanes


Grant Achatz has been a worldwide leader of culinary innovation since the opening of Alinea in Chicago in 2005. Dishes like hot potato, cold potatoes and black truffle explosion; or food suspended on wires or carbonized morsels sitting on top of the table, have become icons all around the world.

Por Gwen San / Florencia Gutiérrez / Alejandra Millanes


Moët & Chandon - Moët & Chandon México

Moët & Chandon

Moët & Chandon, the champagne of success and glamor since 1743, is recognized for its achievements and legendary pioneering spirit. La Maison Moët & Chandon was who introduced the champagne to the world, becoming synonymous of luxury and celebration.

Por Moët & Chandon México


Extreme exclusivity - Enrique Rosas

Extreme exclusivity

This cars represent the most desirable dream, combining the amplitude of their engines and builders with the exclusivity of all of them being special editions that only a few are going to enjoy. Becoming the most desired super sport cars.

Por Enrique Rosas


Alex Katz The genesis of Pop Art - AMURA

Alex Katz The genesis of Pop Art

“What many regard as superficial, for me it is actual and positive”, says the Russian artist, born in Brooklyn, Alex Katz, who has managed to make his artwork into a certain symbol of a rich and bohemian class, on the premise of their taste for glamour.



The inspiration of great composers - Ricardo Rondón

The inspiration of great composers

Following up the issue of Mephistopheles composers whose inspiration led to unparalleled works, another virtuoso that shocked the world was Hector Berlioz; he created a milestone with The Damnation of Faust, his wonderful dramatic legend.

Por Ricardo Rondón


The Greek of gold Aristóteles Onassis - Yolanda Bravo Saldaña

The Greek of gold Aristóteles Onassis

With a third class ticket, destination Uruguay, 250 dollars, and great hopes for the future, the 17 year old Greek kid, Aristotle Onassis (1906-1975) began an adventure that made him become one of the most powerful men in the world.

Por Yolanda Bravo Saldaña


Under the Red Sea’s waters - Alejandro Elizondo

Under the Red Sea’s waters

In the midst of one of the most shocking situations that the world lived, after the plane crash that destroyed the Twin Towers, the decision was made, this time I would venture to go meet other waters of the world, the Red Sea.

Por Alejandro Elizondo


Tips & Tops Malta - AMURA

Tips & Tops Malta

Tips & Tops Malta