Prime Time!! - Germán Nájera

Prime Time!!

Outfits that complement each other and definitely create an impact as a whole. Spring is at its height and the ideal thing is to wear the trends marked with the most cutting-edge style.

Por Germán Nájera


Parmigiani Fleurier - Enrique Rosas

Parmigiani Fleurier

Unveil the latest product of its development – the chronograph: Led by its passion for discovery and always wanting to measure its manufacturing know-how against the more challenging demands of precision. All of these surrounded by a great metal the palladium.

Por Enrique Rosas


Da Vinci Reborn - AMURA

Da Vinci Reborn

The firm IWC launch in the present year, a new generation of the Da Vinci family, three models with a lot of innovations with advanced technology, a timeless elegance and are presented in a new box, more attractive, in a tonneau form. 



Yalta, Ukraine - Patrick Monney

Yalta, Ukraine

Yalta, Ukraine

Por Patrick Monney


Malaca, Malasia - Patrick Monney

Malaca, Malasia

Malaca, Malasia

Por Patrick Monney


Viña del Mar, Chile - Patrick Monney

Viña del Mar, Chile

Viña del Mar, Chile

Por Patrick Monney


The 12 Apostoles, Australia - Patrick Monney

The 12 Apostoles, Australia

The 12 Apostoles, Australia

Por Patrick Monney


Vida Real Spa  - AMURA

Vida Real Spa

Imagine for a moment living an ancestral experience in an uncertain place in the world. You open your eyes and in front of you is an imposing pyramid that invites you to step inside. Once within, the aromas, textures, sounds and colors will envelop you and make the Vida Real Spa experience one of unique relaxation.



Four Seasons George V - Patrick Monney

Four Seasons George V

The famous palace reopened its doors in December 1999, following two years of remodelation. Under the administration of the Four Seasons, and after seven years, the George V has confirmed its status as the “king of palaces” and is regarded as the finest hotel in Paris; the one that stands out and offers the refinement that the most beautiful city in the world deserves.

Por Patrick Monney


Blue Moon 198’ - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Blue Moon 198’

If practice makes perfect, proof of this lies in the latest creation from Feadship - the 198-ft Blue Moon, which has surpassed all the expectations of its two predecessors. This makes the design and creation of this glamorous yacht a magnificent reality.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Falcon 115 - Viridiana Barahona

Falcon 115

The 115 is the flagship of this Italian yacht builder and as such, makes an interesting offer since it represents the company’s entry into the range of yachts of more than 100 feet in length, even though they already have a model exactly 100 feet long. Another of the yacht’s strengths is the personalization of all of its components, which is something that Falcon Yachts offers to distinguished clients tempted by its beauty.

Por Viridiana Barahona


Ferreti 630 - Edmundo A. Eguiarte

Ferreti 630

The Ferretti 630 is a patent result of an alliance between two companies that have joined forces to arrive at a common end, which is a delight for the imagination. The companies are, evidently, Ferretti, represented by its engineering department and the Studio Zuccon International Project. 

Por Edmundo A. Eguiarte


Baja Outlaw 40 - Viridiana Barahona

Baja Outlaw 40

Its dimensions and details make it unique; there is no boat that compares with the Baja 40 Outlaw. Its size and presence on the water attract attention wherever it goes. Its triple engine lets it break the waves with perfect precision thanks to the extraordinary speeds it can reach.

Por Viridiana Barahona


Carver 36M - Viridiana Barahona

Carver 36M

Exquisite balance between space and details take the Carver 36M to absolute excellence. With perfect control of each simple element, this great yacht is dressed with luxury and elegance with tones so soft that they ooze comfort in every corner.

Por Viridiana Barahona


Terre Blanche Four Seasons - Patrick Monney

Terre Blanche Four Seasons

Terre Blanche is a true Eden for golfers since they can choose between two 18-hole circuits hidden in a coniferous forest. One is the Parcours du Riou (6,005 m/6,567 yards) and the other is the Parcours du Château (6,616 m/7,235 yards).

Por Patrick Monney


Diving With the Aroma of Mexico - Alberto Friscione Carrascosa

Diving With the Aroma of Mexico

When the first rays of spring sunshine began to light up the Isla de Sacrificios, my dear friend and diving companion Manuel “Dorado” Victoria and I were enjoying a tasty Veracruz-style breakfast in a well-known restaurant on the sea front. Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs and beans, and of course a famous milky coffee with sweet bread and golden breadsticks.

Por Alberto Friscione Carrascosa


The Jaguar, Speckled Jewel - Eduardo Lugo

The Jaguar, Speckled Jewel

The jaguar or yaguar (Phantera onca) originates from the Guaraní vocabulary and has two meanings: “he who kills in one pounce” or “the body of a dog”. It is a carnivorous mammal that belongs to the family of big cats found on the American continent.

Por Eduardo Lugo


J24 2007 - Juan Manuel Orbea

J24 2007

All doubts about Mexico’s ability to organize a world-level sailing competition were quickly dissipated last March, when Mexico, specifically Nuevo Vallarta, played host to the World UBS J24 2007. The event was an all round success.

Por Juan Manuel Orbea


First Quinta Real regatta - AMURA

First Quinta Real regatta

In order to present its concept of personalized attention and excellent service, Hoteles Quinta Real organized its First International Regatta, held on March 15 – 19, from the Quinta Real Acapulco with a final destination of Quinta Real Huatulco.



V Gulfstream - Laura Velázquez

V Gulfstream

When Tiger Woods made his debut as a golf professional with millions of dollars in his pocket from his sponsors, the first thing he acquired as part of his work team was a Gulfstream V jet.  That was in 1996, but like everything, technology has evolved, as have Woods’ game and clubs– and the Gulfstream Company has moved with the times by offering the new G150 model, which changes the concept of the mid-size business jet.

Por Laura Velázquez


Choosing the ideal helicopter - Enrique Rosas

Choosing the ideal helicopter

Many factors must be considered when analyzing an investment as important as the acquisition of a helicopter. The following characteristics must not be overlooked when considering such an important purchase.

Por Enrique Rosas


Geneva Motor Show - Roberto Pérez S.

Geneva Motor Show

The 77th Geneva Motor Show unveils the automotive brands that do not beat about the bush and have decided to launch an avalanche of interesting novelties which, for their performance, technology, luxury and driving­ pleasure, will be pure delight for auto lovers.

Por Roberto Pérez S.


The Riviera & The Three Best Restaurants - Patrick Monney

The Riviera & The Three Best Restaurants

The Riviera bids us to enjoy its excellent cuisine and this is why we have chosen three of the best restaurants of the region.

Por Patrick Monney


Tips & Tops Mónaco a Marsella - AMURA

Tips & Tops Mónaco a Marsella

Tips & Tops