Timeless calling  - AMURA

Timeless calling

This Winter has begun under a relaxed tone with a dash of androgynous vibes.



The most cherished in the F1 - Mario Ramírez

The most cherished in the F1

With a month of anticipation the activities of the Mexican Grand Prix 2015 were taken by the hand of a presentation that would be the protagonist of the maximum joust of worldwide racing: the trophy.

Por Mario Ramírez


Only Watch - Enrique Rosas

Only Watch

Since 2005 when it was created this biennial auction, the best and most prestigious watch makers contribute to the fight on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Por Enrique Rosas


Punta del Este  - María Grajales

Punta del Este

Punta del Este receives us with arms wide open to show us that this little South American paradise is full of charm and color. This city isn’t just a port destination, it also provokes dreams. It’s a place filled with art, culture and history.

Por María Grajales


Punta del Este, An exclusive meeting point in Latin America - E. Jorge Delgado Fernández Embajador de Uruguay en México

Punta del Este, An exclusive meeting point in Latin America

Mesmerizing summer residences, skyscrapers on the shores of the sea, lengthy  yachts, sumptuous hotels and restaurants, incomparable nature...all this transforms Punta del Este in the most glamorous Spa in Latin America and the most exclusive of the region. 

Por E. Jorge Delgado Fernández Embajador de Uruguay en México


Los Roques, Venezuela - AMURA

Los Roques, Venezuela

Los Roques, Venezuela



Isla de los Ciervos, Mauricio - AMURA

Isla de los Ciervos, Mauricio

Isla de los Ciervos, Mauricio



Phra Nang, Tailandia - AMURA

Phra Nang, Tailandia

Phra Nang, Tailandia



Bahía de Halong, Vietnam - AMURA

Bahía de Halong, Vietnam

Bahía de Halong, Vietnam



2122 Hotel Art Design  - Lizethe Dagdug

2122 Hotel Art Design

With a boutique concept that very few places have, and a precise and clever design, this elegant, sober and at the same time cozy hotel, hab only 40 rooms that are equally distributed and equipped to the utmost detail.

Por Lizethe Dagdug


L’Aubergue - Gwen San


Abeautiful and elegant decoration, warm and inspiring; this hotel specializes in custom made experiences as well as offering a unique site that makes a perfect balance with this destination; ambiance and art. The structure was built  1947, it’s Water Tower is a reference point of Punta del Este.

Por Gwen San


Serena Hotel - Lisa Katana

Serena Hotel

This property is the perfect location for couples, since it doesn’t allow minors; it’s designed to offer the most pleasant experience on the seashore. It’s sunbeds are the best place to enjoy the sunset, while it’s restaurants and bar please the expectation of any guest.

Por Lisa Katana


Sisai Hotel Boutique - Luna Sánchez

Sisai Hotel Boutique

Winner of the Traveler’s Choice 2015 by the Tripadvisor platform, this place has it all: excellent location in the most cosmopolitan zone of the Design District, attractive amenities, all room services, climatized pool, fitness area, event salon; and one of the best Spas in Uruguay.

Por Luna Sánchez


Yoo Punta del Este - Sigfrid Herrera

Yoo Punta del Este

Located in the Art District zone which is distinguished by it’s sophisticated and cosmopolitan vibe, this complex offers integral lodging, here, relaxation is guaranteed.

Por Sigfrid Herrera


Azimut  - Azimut


Ever since it was founded in the 1970s in Turin, Italy, by the businessman Paolo Vitelli, Azimut Yachts distinguished itself by improving constantly, on an international scale, with over 40 years to attest to it. It has earned its place amongst the most recognized shipbuilders. Currently, as Azimut-Benetti Group, it is acclaimed for its innovations and designs.

Por Azimut


Azimut 77s - Azimut

Azimut 77s

The Azimut 77S, one of the jewels of the Italian shipbuilder, has imposed that sport yachts around the world undergo a vanguard evolution. It is a yacht that displays the distinctive comfort of the S collection, a product of that advanced technological research undertaken by Azimut Yachts.

Por Azimut


Azimut Flybridge 80 - Azimut

Azimut Flybridge 80

Named as the yacht of the coming decade, the Azimut Flybridge 80 is a model in which each and every detail has been meticulously designed.

Por Azimut


Azimut 55s - Azimut

Azimut 55s

The elegant profile of this yacht suggests how far it can take us. This singular model displays ample lateral windows to illuminate its interior. It features triple IPS propulsion, as well as structural elements made of carbon fiber; and dazzling stylish details to provide an overall navigation experience that is unrivaled.

Por Azimut


Azimut Atlantis 43 - Azimut

Azimut Atlantis 43

Elegance, sportiness, and stylish design; harmonious lines that provide a stable handling and maximum comfort, all these combine to create a rare enclosure.

Por Azimut


Isla Lobos - Scuba Divers Uruguay

Isla Lobos

We gathered very early at the SCUBA DIVERS URUGUAY center, this place is located near  “Los Dedos”, it’s quite an iconic monument in Punta del Este. The morning was beautiful, typical during the summer in these latitudes; the sun begins to come out and the sky is clear of clouds, an enjoyable navigation is promised.

Por Scuba Divers Uruguay


Bridgestone Americas’s Golf Cup - Ramón García de la Sierra

Bridgestone Americas’s Golf Cup

Last Tuesday, October 20th, the official presentation of the Bridgestone America’s Cup, presented by Value, was held with the support of American golfers Tiger Woods and Matt Kuchar, making it the second edition of what now has been deemed, America’s Cup.

Por Ramón García de la Sierra


Azimut was present at the  F1 Grand Prix of Mexico 2015   - Felipe López

Azimut was present at the F1 Grand Prix of Mexico 2015

The outstanding particiation of Mexico in the Formula 1 (F1) begun in 1961 with the appearance of Ricardo Rodríguez in the Monza circuit during the Grand Prix of Italy; since then, Ricardo, algonside his brother, Pedro Rodríguez who ran the F1 circuit in 1996, fully gave in to this automotive sport.

Por Felipe López


Aston Martin DB10 - Aston Martin México

Aston Martin DB10

We enter a unique world were the best kept secret will only be shared with a few, as if an espionage mission was about to begin, the DB10 comes to us with a refreshing proposal that clashes Aston Martin with clean lines. This bet brings a light carbon fiber architecture and a design so unique it represents the before and after of this firm.

Por Aston Martin México


La Bourgogne - Lizethe Dagdug

La Bourgogne

Chef Jean-Paul Bondoux has created this place - located in one of the best neighborhoods of Punta del Este- into his own corner of French excellence, it is currently one of the most successful delicacy spots of this destination!   

Por Lizethe Dagdug


St. Tropez  - Lizethe Dagdug

St. Tropez

An Italian den in the heart of the Conrad hotel, it counts with specialties that turn it into a must of this city. It’s  risottos and Angus cuts, as well as its seafood dishes enter in this category too and sweet desserts.

Por Lizethe Dagdug


Lo de Tere - Lizethe Dagdug

Lo de Tere

It’s fun name is a contrast to it’s classical elegance, at the same time it preserves a touch of friendship with which every aspect of it’s gastronomic proposal is created in every dish it offers.

Por Lizethe Dagdug


B Restaurant & Bar - Lizethe Dagdug

B Restaurant & Bar

BRestaurant is the best choice if you want to taste the latest gastronomic tendencies in Punta del Este and beyond it’s borders. this place holds local elements and completely fresh ingredients with a great quality.

Por Lizethe Dagdug


Tannat Grape - Juan Diego Wasilevsky

Tannat Grape

With a red Tannat grape as its stamp, Uruguay is discovered as a wine producer that creates cherished  proposals which are beginning to resonate worldwide, at the same time it increases it’s production; it’s consumption is already a trend.

Por Juan Diego Wasilevsky


Uruguayan Music flying like a bird - Elbio Rodríguez Barilari

Uruguayan Music flying like a bird

Historically, Uruguay, along with the South of Brazil and the Central area of Argentina, form part to the same type of “musical country”. We could call it the a nation of music from the pampas, the music of gauchos.

Por Elbio Rodríguez Barilari


Ricardo Rondón - Felipe López

Ricardo Rondón

In this occasion, Amura Yachts & Lifestyle takes the space of that maestro Ricardo Rondón has portrayed for two years, he has delighted us with his knowledge toward classical music and opera; today we would like to make homage to a professional who excelled in the field of the arts, subjects who do not enjoy of much diffusion in our country.

Por Felipe López


The Pablo Atchugarry Foundation - Fundación Pablo Atchugarry

The Pablo Atchugarry Foundation

Art will always be in need of organizations that back it up, that give it it’s space and allow them to make statements; offering a forum, debate and why not, an immense garden of 25 hectares filled with sculptures. Only one glance is needed to understand the headquarters of the Pablo Atchugarry Foundation, we then realize it’s commitment toward art and it’s exponents.

Por Fundación Pablo Atchugarry


A postcard from Punta del Este - AMURA

A postcard from Punta del Este

“La Mano” which emerges from the sand in mid Parada 1 of la Brava, has rested here for 33 years; it was a late afternoon in February 1982, when Chilean artist Mario Irrazábal arrived to an event hosted by the Maldonado Intendancy, he would be participating in the First International Al Fresco Encounter of Sculpture in Punta del Este.



Museo Ralli - Museo Ralli

Museo Ralli

As soon as you cross the door, it is possible to encounter a spectacular Dali sculpture, in it’s garden you will find bronze chisels of various Latin American Plastic Artists.  

Por Museo Ralli


Tips & Tops Punta del Este  - AMURA

Tips & Tops Punta del Este

Tips & Tops Punta del Este