Autumn in plentitud - AMURA

Autumn in plentitud

This brief moment before winter is a time to live large. Autumn seems to last for only an instant, we feel it like a transitional season, but the weather is nearly perfect on every occasion, our wardrobe choices seem infinite.



Rolex, It’s golf time...  - Rolex

Rolex, It’s golf time...

The presence of Rolex in golf is composed of decisive instants that are part of nearly half a century of committed partnership with golf and it’s excellence values.

Por Rolex


St. Andrews - AMURA

St. Andrews

If there is one thing that defines Scotland, is golf – indeed, that, and a life and history entwined with the sea. St. Andrews is home to a fabulous collection of historical legacies.



Los Cabos, México - AMURA

Los Cabos, México

Quivira Golf Club is located on the southernmost point known as Finisterra, at Los Cabos, in the Baja California peninsula.



Cape Town, South Africa - AMURA

Cape Town, South Africa

Along the southwestern coast of South Africa, accompanied by on the finest climates in the world, we find the majestic South African Garden Route.



Victoria Golf Club, Australia - AMURA

Victoria Golf Club, Australia

Designed by William Meader, Oscar Damman, and Dr. Alister MacKenzie, the Victoria Golf Club is one of the leading courses in Australia, it is ranked amongst the top ten PGA championship courses.



Shijimicho Hirono, Japan - AMURA

Shijimicho Hirono, Japan

Hirono Golf Club is the top-ranked course of Japan; it is also regarded as one of the most exclusive in the world. Measuring 7,169 yards, with 18 holes and par 72, this course was designed by Charles Alison.



Top 10 of golf courses worldwide - AMURA

Top 10 of golf courses worldwide

Throughout the world infinity of golf courses exist which are worth visiting, however, not all of them enter into a Championship classification, these golf courses hold the most prestigious tournaments.



From double eagle to Hole in One - María Grajales

From double eagle to Hole in One

To speak of St Andrews is to inevitably speak of golf. It’s history, anecdotes and locals are a part of the pulse of this beautiful Scottish corner of the world that makes a calling to all of us, specially golf lovers.

Por María Grajales


Mexico is ready for the Bridgestone America’s Golf Cup - AMURA

Mexico is ready for the Bridgestone America’s Golf Cup

On the eve of the second edition of the America’s Golf Cup, Amura Yachts & Lifestyle spoke with Diego Díaz, general manager of the Cup, which is positioning itself to become one of the leading events  in the continent.



Quivira - AMURA


The Copala development at Quivira Cabo is located in Cabo San Lucas. Baja California Sur which forms part of Mexico’s premier touristic destination.



Old Course Hotel  - Alejandra Millanes

Old Course Hotel

The dream of any golf aficionado is to live in a place like this one. – at least for a couple of days- The Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa has the privilege of being located on the most famous golf course in the world.

Por Alejandra Millanes


Prestonfield  House  Edimburgo - Daniela Esquer

Prestonfield House Edimburgo

With a sober façade in creamy white that surrounds ample gardens, it conserves the traditional architecture of a building dating from 1687, when it was the home of Lord Provost, in Edinburg.

Por Daniela Esquer


Darwin Class 107 Storm - Luciana Aguirre / Zarpo Yachts

Darwin Class 107 Storm

The seventh yacht of the successful  Darwin Class de Cantiere delle Marche(CdM) is here!  An Italian shipyard who’s partner in Mexico is Zarpo Yachts and it’s as spectacular as promised.

Por Luciana Aguirre / Zarpo Yachts


SY  Endeavour - Edmiston

SY Endeavour

Sir Thomas Octave Murdoch Sopwith commissioned the construction of the Endeavour in order to face the 1934 America’s Cup challenge.

Por Edmiston


Mark Greenaway - Mark Greenaway

Mark Greenaway

Aman who has managed to break paradigms and norms in a fun way, carefree and transparent. He has worked in the gastronomic scene for 22 years and his restaurant Mark Greenaway is already a statement in local and international cuisine.

Por Mark Greenaway


Restaurant Mark Greenaway - Mark Greenaway

Restaurant Mark Greenaway

This restaurant opens our Top 5 for Scotland’s gourmet scene. In Mark Greenagay, nothing could distract us from the complete culinary experience found inside this elegant yet sober and unpretentious establishment.

Por Mark Greenaway


Number One - Lizethe Dagdug

Number One

When attending Number One at the Balmoral Hotel, it’s flavours will result unforgettable and it will be impossible not to compare a future restaurant with it, hence why we return.

Por Lizethe Dagdug


Wild Fig - Lizethe Dagdug

Wild Fig

This may be the one time that this section overlooks the fact that we are not talking about a restaurant, but of the service at Wild Fig, from chef Justine Maule. A singular establishment, where you can enjoy exquisite creations and a refined cuisine.

Por Lizethe Dagdug


Pompadour by Galvin - Lizethe Dagdug

Pompadour by Galvin

This is the place to admire how various Scottish ingredients catapult Parisian dishes, which are served in miniscule portions that have been measured to the millimeter so as to be superbly presented, full of wonder.

Por Lizethe Dagdug


Cafe St. Honoré - Lizethe Dagdug

Cafe St. Honoré

Property of chef Neil Forbes, who considers “cuisine to be an emotional experience that involves all the senses,” this is the spot that diners search when searching for a secluded culinary experience.

Por Lizethe Dagdug


Land Rover Discovery Sport - Land Rover

Land Rover Discovery Sport

We are looking at one of the premium SUVs in the world. The fusion of a compact bodywork that still manages to fit up to seven passengers inside.

Por Land Rover


Red Deer, The king of the forest  - Amelia Watson

Red Deer, The king of the forest

The wild and indomitable nature of the deer caught the attention of the Celts during the Iron Age. An animal of sorrel antlers and a bellowing cry that could still move quietly enough to appear and disappear on it’s own accord.

Por Amelia Watson


Clydesdale  - Amelia Watson


The robust and powerful Scottish horse, raised in the battlefield, it went from serving knights to transporting coal and large game after the Duke of Hamilton and John Petterson crossbred the descendants of the specie with stallions from Flanders, in the 18th century.

Por Amelia Watson


Red Fox  - Amelia Watson

Red Fox

Cautious of it’s movements during daylight, the footsteps of an animal no larger than a housecat appear on the streets of Scotland, one of brick-colored hair, lit as a fire, with a neck and torso as white as the driven snow.

Por Amelia Watson


We say it in Gaelic “Uisce Beathadh” - María Grajales

We say it in Gaelic “Uisce Beathadh”

Whiskey is synonym of Scotland. A spirituous drink that has taken over the land whose vast origins has allowed various houses to produce it, and there the battle begins.

Por María Grajales


The melodic marvels of Scotland - Ricardo Rondón

The melodic marvels of Scotland

Various composers, all foreigners, succumbed by the natural beauty of Scotland in it’s folkloric roots. They gave birth to compositions that form part of the basic repertoire and it is a pleasure to recommend them.

Por Ricardo Rondón


Scotland  - Rodrigo Borja Torres


Like those many ancient legends, the origins of the Scottish are lost in the mists of time. According to the most common legend, a Scythian leader named Gaythelos (Gollam) married Scota, the daughter of the Egyptian pharaoh Symedes.

Por Rodrigo Borja Torres


María  Estuardo - Rodrigo Borja Torres

María Estuardo

One of the most fascinating portraits in the history of UK and to whome women of our time regards as a source of inspiration, such is the life of Mary Stuart.

Por Rodrigo Borja Torres


Tips & Tops St. Andrews - AMURA

Tips & Tops St. Andrews

Tips & Tops St. Andrews