Life in a Cruiseship - Martha Jauffred

Life in a Cruiseship

To cross the oceans on board of a floating castle is to move in a fantastic environment surrounded by the luxury to travel to the most remote places of the planet. This is the life in a cruise ship and it is an idyllic world beyond the daily life and only focused in the pleasure.

Por Martha Jauffred


Greubel Forsey - Enrique Rosas

Greubel Forsey

Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey began working on their own visión, new generation Tourbillon in 1999.  Over four years later, they unveiled their brand ‘Greubel Forsey’ and stunned horological aficionados with their innovative “Double Tourbillon 30°”. A timepiece clearly demonstrating the two watchmakers’ quest for innovation and perfection. 

Por Enrique Rosas


Peyrelongue Casa - AMURA

Peyrelongue Casa

Peyrelongue Casa, a year after opening their doors in Mexico has consolidated its philosophy of offering the best service and excellence which have characterized them through their history in jewelry as well as in clockwork, and now with the successful concept of House.



Vietnam, Land of Jade - Kundalini Muñoz

Vietnam, Land of Jade

Most of the people who visit this country are captured by its exuberant natural beauty, which makes itself obvious through beautiful rivers, bright rice fields and a great number of beaches. The variety in the landscape is one of its most attractive characteristics.

Por Kundalini Muñoz


Hvar, Croacia - AMURA

Hvar, Croacia

In the Adriatic coast, Hvar is one of the most beautiful islands of Croatia. Its mountains house the best vineyards and olive fields, its villages preserve their typical charm with its fabulous ports and Hvar, the capital of the island, it is a wonderful walled town at the foot of the fortress, bathed by crystal clear waters and its pier is embellished with exquisite restaurants.



Ontorio, Canada - AMURA

Ontorio, Canada

In Ontario, you will discover an incomparable diversity with more than a million square kilometers of land, 400,000 lakes, rivers and streams, 12 million residents, 80 cultures, and a history that span thousand years. There you can go to the call of the wilderness in a vast land and which preserves its natural state of forests, lakes and rivers. 



Nam Hai Hotel Vietnam - BCD Travel

Nam Hai Hotel Vietnam

A 1-km long beachfront complex of beautiful villas on world-famous China Beach, the Nam Hai Hotel provides a five-star experience with the highest levels of elegance, comfort and privacy. Parisian architect Reda Amalou, celebrated by Architectural Digest for his Pacific Rim work in high-end new design, created a series of 100 villas, 40 of which have their own temperature-controlled pool, all looking out on the beach.

Por BCD Travel


Two Jewels in the Pacific - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Two Jewels in the Pacific

Right in the area of Diamante of Acapulco, in Revolcadero Beach, there are located a pair of jewels, the Fairmont Acapulco Princess and the Fairmont Pierre Marques, both hotels of the first level in this wonderful port which offers a great many options to relax and have fun.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Burj Al Arab Constantly Reinvents Itself - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Burj Al Arab Constantly Reinvents Itself

It can be recognized with different qualifying characteristics of its greatness. The most luxurious hotel in the world, the tallest one, the only one that has no rooms -only suites-, the only one acknowledged with seven stars and a large etcetera. Nevertheless what mentioned before what results paradoxical is that the hotel never has “applied” for any of these recognitions.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Perini Navi Tamsen - Edmundo A. Eguiarte

Perini Navi Tamsen

Watching an image of this sailboat we stay flabbergasted, there is no doubt about it, it is a poem to the great life and beauty and talking about its benefits they leave us breathless, but there is something just a few know and that makes it a yacht without any comparisons: the owners were involved inch by inch in everything related to its design and construction.

Por Edmundo A. Eguiarte


Suri 173' of Shade - Viridiana Barahona G.

Suri 173' of Shade

After acquiring a boat of 50 meters long with all the luxury and functionability elements that you can imagine, to navigate in the biggest yacht of the Hakvoort shipyard, that is, the amazing JeMaSa, (Amura 52), what could you possibly ask for that could que pudiera complement such beauty? Although it seems unbelievable, for the owner of the JeMaSa the answear was “Yes”, because he arrived to the simple conclusion that he needed a support boat for his Yacht.

Por Viridiana Barahona G.


Horizon Premier 130’ - Rafael Luna Grajeda

Horizon Premier 130’

Horizon Yachts decided to develop the yacht 130’ Horizon-Premiere, sumptuous and with a lot of style, under the command of J.C. Espinosa. This is the first mega yacht of a series, which was launched recently in December of 2007.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


A Marlin of 3.65 meters - Rafael Luna Grajeda

A Marlin of 3.65 meters

The past 24th and 25th of May The International Sports Fishing Tournament “Acapulco Brilla” 2008 took place, which had the participation of enthusiasts from Mexico, as well as from Miami, San Diego, Houston, France and Italy.

Por Rafael Luna Grajeda


Horseback Riding a Sport of Kings - Enrique Gonzáles (la pájara)

Horseback Riding a Sport of Kings

The horseback riding has always been a sport of kings for the incredible relation that prompts between a living being of the animal kingdom and the human being. For those who have the luck to be able to ride in any discipline and to feel the direct contact with a horse will agree that the equestrian sport definitively cooks apart.

Por Enrique Gonzáles (la pájara)


Premier II  State of the Art - Laura Velázquez

Premier II State of the Art

The firm Hawker Beechcraft could not stay behind in the segment of the Light Jets for one pilot and that is why they made the launch of the Premier II, from which it is expected to be the largest, of greater fulfillment and most advanced –technologically speaking– in its category.

Por Laura Velázquez


Three Jewels - Lourdes González

Three Jewels

With high standards in the luxury, the finishes, the automotive engineering and the design, these jewels of the automotive industry fill our pages to demonstrate us that not everything is said. Porsche introduces to us its Classic Boxster RS 60 Spider, a real classic that was a landmark and that in its new version delights us in all aspects, with a design, luxury and benefits without comparison.

Por Lourdes González


Wines from the Old and New World - Dore Ferriz

Wines from the Old and New World

The vine makes its triumphant entrance to the “New World” during the Colonial Period. In the last dinner, the wine guards the legacy of Christ to his apostles.

Por Dore Ferriz


Cheval des Andes Vine Loft:  Nature, Men and Wine - Rafael Luna G.

Cheval des Andes Vine Loft: Nature, Men and Wine

Cheval des Andes Vine Loft, a space located in the middle of a vineyard, open its doors to enjoy the new vintage of this house. A field of pleasures is located under the Mendoza sky at the foot of the impressive Andes, perfect landscape which houses the Cheval des Andes Vine Loft, a space to enjoy with all the senses.

Por Rafael Luna G.


The Vienna of Gustav Klimt - Anarela Vargas

The Vienna of Gustav Klimt

In the framework of the celebration of the European Capital of the Culture 2008, the Tate Liverpool presents, for the first time in the United Kingdom, a thorough exhibition around the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. Gustav Klimt: Painting, Design and Modern Life in Vienna 1900, recreates the sophisticated world of the Vienna of the beginnings of the XXth century.

Por Anarela Vargas


Tips & Tops Vietnam - AMURA

Tips & Tops Vietnam

Tips & Tops Vietnam