Fall prologue - Coordinación de moda / Fashion Coordinator: Luz María Carrera

Fall prologue

It is a time of transition

Por Coordinación de moda / Fashion Coordinator: Luz María Carrera



Watch Glossary - Tonatiuh

Watch Glossary

When we are given life on a planet like ours and, together with it, our five senses, the message is clear: we are here to use them.

Por Tonatiuh



The Baltic Sea - Patrick Monney

The Baltic Sea

The train left us in tiny Dover station and we finally arrived at the port to board the fabulous Minerva II that took us to the land of the Vikings, to the capital of the tzars and the cities of the north.

Por Patrick Monney



Chicago, USA - Patrick Monney

Chicago, USA

Chicago, USA

Por Patrick Monney



Skeleton Coast, Namibia - Patrick Monney

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Por Patrick Monney



Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - Patrick Monney

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Por Patrick Monney



Conception Bay, Mexico - Patrick Monney

Conception Bay, Mexico

Conception Bay, Mexico

Por Patrick Monney



Valle de Bravo, Long live the magic - Araceli Cano

Valle de Bravo, Long live the magic

Valle de Bravo, with its white stucco colonial houses, wrought iron balconies, and red tile roofs, is a very special place. It is a village set in a mountain that rises from the shores of a lake, surrounded by thick pine forest.

Por Araceli Cano



Nicholas Edmiston - Fabiola Galván Campos

Nicholas Edmiston

His name evokes that of a Czar, but he does not consider himself one. Nicholas Edmiston tells us that he has been in the yacht brokerage business (charters, new builds, management) for over 35 years, and that he started the business because of his love of sailing.

Por Fabiola Galván Campos



Benetti Midlandia - Edmundo A. Eguiarte

Benetti Midlandia

What can be said about a boat that, from first glance, amazes us with its beauty? It takes our breath away. One hundred and ninety-seven feet long, this grand and powerful titan of the seas, makes it obvious that these two characteristics can go hand and hand with beauty. 

Por Edmundo A. Eguiarte



Sunreef 60 - Phil deKanter

Sunreef 60

On May 30, 2005, the first Sun­reef 60 ca­ta­ma­ran was laun­ched in Po­land out of the Gdansk Sun­reef ship­yards. This lu­xu­rious high-per­for­man­ce ca­ta­ma­ran was de­sig­ned for ocean crui­ses, and is spending the summer sailing off the coast of Spain to the delight of passengers and those who watch it sail from a distance.

Por Phil deKanter



Sea Ray 680 - Edmundo A. Eguiarte

Sea Ray 680

When dis­cus­sing this ship­buil­der’s in­cur­sion in­to the field of big boats, this yacht could be considered the brand’s flagship. This term, com­monly used in the world of au­to­mo­bi­les, re­fers to a “new” mo­del and, in so­me ca­ses, a big­ger or bet­ter one.

Por Edmundo A. Eguiarte



Princess v70 - Edmundo A. Eguiarte

Princess v70

This is one of those boats that belongs to the new generation of yachts: vessels whose design involves all angles and di­men­sions of their cons­truc­tion, pur­po­se and use. From the out­set, as­pects per­tai­ning to per­for­man­ce, sta­bi­lity, spa­cious­ness of the in­te­riors, prac­ti­ca­lity and er­go­no­mics ha­ve been con­si­de­red wit­hout ig­no­ring the beauty of its ex­te­rior.

Por Edmundo A. Eguiarte



Alden 52 motor yacht - Phil deKanter

Alden 52 motor yacht

Alden Yachts Corporation of Portsmouth, Rhode Island has announced the signing of a new contract to build a 52' Motor Yacht. “We are quite encouraged with the number of builds we already have under contract, the new prospects we are working with, and the looming boat show season which promises to be one of the best in several years", states David MacFarlane, President of Alden Yachts.

Por Phil deKanter



Valle, A Nautical Seebed - Fabiola Galván Campos / Germán Nájera

Valle, A Nautical Seebed

Valle de Bravo is not only a picturesque town, nowadays it is also an attractive tourist attraction for people who love freedom, nature and the wind. It is also popular because of the many aerial sports that are available. Aside from those that can be found in almost all tourist destinations, it has excellent places for practicing the aerial kind.

Por Fabiola Galván Campos / Germán Nájera



Swimming with Whale Sharks - Alberto Friscione Carrascosa

Swimming with Whale Sharks

Year after year, in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, we find one of the most marvelous marine animals with which man has had contact.  It is the enormous whale shark, the biggest fish on the planet. 

Por Alberto Friscione Carrascosa



El santurario Resort Spa Valle de Bravo - AMURA

El santurario Resort Spa Valle de Bravo

El Santuario Resort Spa (The Sanctuary) is a luxurious haven set on 494 acres, on the shore of lake Valle de Bravo. The mountains, pine forests, starry nights, sunny days and the song of birds, make it an unforgettable experience for visitors. 




Rodavento - AMURA


The words “rueda” (to roll) and “viento” (wind) intertwine to form Rodavento, a village that is part of the River and Mountain concept. A fascinating boutique hotel, perfectly located in Valle de Bravo’s magical forest, it is the ideal place to fully enjoy the many adventures that are offered here.




El santurario Resort Spa Valle de Bravo - AMURA

El santurario Resort Spa Valle de Bravo

 With an inimitable view of lake Valle de Bravo, this exclusive suite has two bedrooms and an ample living room. The master bedroom has a king-size bed, fireplace, kitchenette, sofa-bed and a complete bathroom while the other has two double beds, complete bathroom and a chaise.




Hotel Rodavento - AMURA

Hotel Rodavento

Rodavento is a fascinating boutique hotel nestled in the Valle de Bravo forest. It has fourteen cabins with air conditioning, heating, fireplace and a terrace with a view of its private lagoon.




Hotel Avándaro golf & spa - AMURA

Hotel Avándaro golf & spa

Located next to the spectacular Cerro Gordo, six kilometers (3.73 miles) from the quaint town of Valle de Bravo, the Hotel Avándaro Golf & Spa offers its exclusive, spectacular Suite Monarca. Divided into three carpeted rooms, each with its own fireplace and complete bathroom with a tub, the suite features modern décor but with the traditional, cozy touches that are typical of this hotel.




Mesón del viento - AMURA

Mesón del viento

Right in the heart of Valle de Bravo, every detail of this hotel’s suite, from the feather duvets to the paintings commissioned specifically for this cozy space, has been carefully planned. 




Hostal Club Santa María - AMURA

Hostal Club Santa María

The medieval touch is one of the major characteristics of this exclusive club and hostal for sailing students in Valle de Bravo. The Club Santa María suites are all different, with one or two double beds, kitchenette, complete bathroom, living rooms and private balconys with a spectacular view of the lake and the Cristo Negro church next door. 




Golf en el bosque - Laura Velázquez

Golf en el bosque

Playing on a course set in a forest can be a great challenge for any golfer.  Besides, the mild weather and the design of the course make the experience very special. 

Por Laura Velázquez



Campestre Ízar - AMURA

Campestre Ízar

Campestre Ízar is the perfect place for those who want to combine golf, relaxation and “recharging batteries” after a stressful week at work. 






Porsche RS Spyder - AMURA

Porsche RS Spyder

Stuttgart’s star rose during the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where it chalked up more victories than any other. It is safe to say that these kinds of resistance tests are an innate part of its tradition.






Vinos del viejo mundo - Sommelier Georgina Estrada Gil, Secretaria General, Asociación Mexicana de Sommeliers

Vinos del viejo mundo

Wine, a divine substance whose marvelous myths are illuminated by a wide range of writings. It has been around throughout the history of humanity and we enjoy its pleasures still.

Por Sommelier Georgina Estrada Gil, Secretaria General, Asociación Mexicana de Sommeliers



Un manjar en el océano - Patrick Monney

Un manjar en el océano

The Minerva II’s restaurants offer a different way of enjoying cuisine. Bridge Café entices with its exquisite, varied buffets (Indian, Chinese, Philippine and European dishes) and The Swan pampers us with refined dishes (lobster in a fragrant sauce, Parisian touches in some recipes and regional delights).

Por Patrick Monney



The Eternety of Egypt - Miguel Peraza

The Eternety of Egypt

 The combination of ancient Egypt’s theoretical and scientific knowledge will never cease to amaze. There is no need to try to discover its ethnic origin, what is essential is that this ancient nation managed to accumulate a great deal of wisdom from other civilizations as well as what they obtained on their own.

Por Miguel Peraza