Pure Winter - Enrique Rosas

Pure Winter

Being winter allow us somehow a bit more elegant or stylish clothing , but in the winter we are presented with all sorts of situations where there is no reason not to be dressed with the greatest possible style.

Por Enrique Rosas


Glimpses of Beauty - Enrique Rosas

Glimpses of Beauty

Trough time we have learned to express our art in many ways, jewelry is no exception, and here its translated into Fine Jewelry, the finest artistic expression of the most famous and renamed jewelers in the world.

Por Enrique Rosas


Second  Haute Holorgerie Salon - José María Lorenzo

Second  Haute Holorgerie Salon

On the second Haute Holorgerie Salon, some of the most prestigious watch brands around the world were presented, exhibiting some of their most recent creations.

Por José María Lorenzo


Lady Z  Harry Winston - Enrique Rosas

Lady Z Harry Winston

In 2004, the brand set a new challenge to create an original and limited watch representing a bridge between heritage and modernity, with a subtle blend of sport and high-tech. This principle gave rise to Project Z, featuring a design and a material – Zaluim, previously unknown in Haute.

Por Enrique Rosas


Sonata Silicio  Ulysse Nardin - Enrique Rosas

Sonata Silicio Ulysse Nardin

The material revolution continues. With the Sonata Silicium Limited Edition, Ulysse Nardin demonstrates the versatile use of silicium in watch making, including the production of micro precision components for our watch movements and for aesthetic use in the manufacture of watch dials.

Por Enrique Rosas


The Green Coast in Brazil - Kundalini Muñoz

The Green Coast in Brazil

The legend tells that when the European explorers came to this place for the very first time, they thought they were nothing less nothing more than in paradise. The abundant vegetation, the crystal clear waters, the golden beaches, the blue sky, the clouds and the graceful mountains, everything here is combined to surprise and charm every visitor.

Por Kundalini Muñoz


The Christ of the Corcovado - Kundalini Muñoz

The Christ of the Corcovado

Located in the National Park of Tijuca, this imposing statue is, without a doubt, the most fascinating destination in Rio de Janeiro. In fact, the Redeeming Christ has become the symbol of the city and in one of the most famous statues in the world.

Por Kundalini Muñoz


Venecia, Italy - AMURA

Venecia, Italy

Venecia, Italy



Mar de Galilea, Israel - AMURA

Mar de Galilea, Israel

Mar de Galilea, Israel



Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro  Minimalistic Elegance - Kundalini Muñoz

Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro Minimalistic Elegance

This hotel opened its doors the 30 of July of 2007, managed by the group of the same name after the resounding success of its property in Sao Paulo. The planning of this project was very carefully taken care of since the beginning: an excellent location, in the heart of the most popular area of the city (Ipanema) of the Avenue Vieira Souto, at the sea shore.

Por Kundalini Muñoz


Park Hyatt Mendoza  Hotel, Casino & Spa - Viridiana Barahona G.

Park Hyatt Mendoza Hotel, Casino & Spa

Cozy and contemporary, the Park Hyatt Mendoza Hotel, Casino & Spa in Argentina represents one of the most classic places of the city of Mendoza, since its exceptional design turns it into a modern hotel, which preserves in its interior the traditional architecture of the place.

Por Viridiana Barahona G.


148 Saudade - Viridiana Barahona G.

148 Saudade

The Wally shipyard, characterized by the authenticity and elegance of each one of the members of its family offers the delicate 148 Saudade, an impressive sailboat of 148 feet that accommodates an exquisite range of details, which made it a worthy representative of this Italian house.

Por Viridiana Barahona G.


Perini Navi  S/Y P2, 38m fast sloop - Enrique Rosas

Perini Navi S/Y P2, 38m fast sloop

Earlier this year was launched the first Perini Navi designed by Philippe Briand a 38m fast loop with elegant lines in the outside and amazingly decorated inside all of the embraced with the super performance only a brand like these can deliver.

Por Enrique Rosas


Perini Nave Salute - Enrique Rosas

Perini Nave Salute

This time, Amura presents a 56 mt sailboat from Perini Navi from whose main feature is that it possesses the tallest mast in the world and made out of aluminum. And that’s not all, the mast and deck design are the work of naval architect Ron Holland.

Por Enrique Rosas


Lineage 100  - Laura Velázquez

Lineage 100

Based in the platform of the successful commercial model Embraer 190, the Lineage 1000 arrives from Sao Paulo, a commercial plane of a large size, with more than 115 cubic meters of interior space, superior to that offers by other aircrafts of its same category.

Por Laura Velázquez


Strenght and Comfort - José María Lorenzo

Strenght and Comfort

On this issue, we invite you to come with us into the world of German engineering, where three of their top brands shine by showing their great engine power, as well as their capabilities for standing out in luxury.

Por José María Lorenzo


Art in the Blood   - Michael Negrete Cruz

Art in the Blood

They say that each head is a different world, but when we talk about a plastic artist the proverb acquires different meanings and significants. And that is because in the mind of an aesthete cohabit a quantity of infinite worlds that create ephemeral relationships between them

Por Michael Negrete Cruz


Sauza: 135 Years of Tradition - José María Lorenzo

Sauza: 135 Years of Tradition

The history of tequila would not be the same without the big this that the Sauza family has brought along its 135 years of history. Join us through the history about the creation of a legacy to our country.

Por José María Lorenzo


Tips & Tops 148 Saudade Wally - AMURA

Tips & Tops 148 Saudade Wally

Tips & Tops 148 Saudade Wally

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