Monaco Yacht Show - MYS

Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco remains the showcase for superyacht builders, designers, luxury manufacturers, market decision makers and major maritime agencies.


Otoño - Invierno - Amura

Otoño - Invierno

Aseason to be full of contrasts; in one corner, designers with extremely discreet themes, very bourgeoise chic classique, in the other, punk style, rebel, gothic.

Por Amura

Siar 13th. edition in Mexico - Amura

Siar 13th. edition in Mexico

In this year 2019, the SIAR was attended by 48 brands to present new technologies and designs.

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Agde - Mónica Sánchez Miguel


It’s a petite ville of Greek origin, the town was populated in the 5th. century BC. by the focenses, Greeks from Asia Minor who baptized the city with the name of Agathé Tyché "Good Fortune" and the name brought him good luck because as a result of maritime trade the city prospered economically.

Por Mónica Sánchez Miguel

Hameau de Baux - Andrés Ordorica

Hameau de Baux

This peaceful haven nestled in a 5 hectares park in the heart of the olive groves has recently be-come one of the most treasured hotels in the south of France.

Por Andrés Ordorica

Chateau de Rochegude - Andrés Ordorica

Chateau de Rochegude

This illustrious 12th century chateau served as the summer residence for the Marquis de Roche-gude. Now part of the renowned Relais & Chateau Association

Por Andrés Ordorica

The Mediterranean  - Alejandra Cañedo

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is a peripheral space for France, considered the deepest of the earth, with an average depth of 1.460 m. and a maximum of 5.267 m. Its name comes from the Latin Mare medi terraneum (sea in the middle of land) and is divided in two main basins: eastern and western, connected by the Strait of Sicily.

Por Alejandra Cañedo

Bugatti - Amura


Bugatti has been synonymous with perfectionism throughout its history. Its founder of Italian roots, Ettore Bugatti, said a phrase that defines his way of thinking: “Nothing is enough expen-sive, nothing is enough beautiful.” In the same way, the Bugatti have been and are the most expensive and most beautiful cars in the world.

Por Amura

U-Boat Worx - Andrés Ordorica

U-Boat Worx

This compact and lavish private submarine was designed with one goal in mind: to open up the world beneath the waves. Offering best in class performance and setting the standard with suc-cessful delivery, the Super Yacht Sub 3 is, without question, the only way to explore the depths.

Por Andrés Ordorica

La table de Franck Putelat - Andrés Ordorica

La table de Franck Putelat

La Table de Franck Putelat has been rated two stars in the Michelin Guide since 2012, a well-earned recognition considering the devotion to providing inventive cuisine and a blend of flavors and enhanced products to transform a fine-dining experience into an overall exceptional experience.

Por Andrés Ordorica

L’Auberge du Vieux Puits - Andrés Ordorica

L’Auberge du Vieux Puits

Through the gates of the Fontjoncouse house, and past the reception hall, a small lounge room with a famous “old well” awaits you. As your eyes adjust themselves, you will discover a room full of light, illuminated by resplendent chandeliers which expose white leaves on the walls, ex-posed wooded frames, and large flower bouquets.

Por Andrés Ordorica

Languedoc en voga con l’Art en cave® - Mónica Sánchez Miguel

Languedoc en voga con l’Art en cave®

In Saint-Chinian, near Béziers, the walls of the winery are decorated by guest artists, of these works the labels and the wine D.O.P. Saint-Chinian are carried out, a limited edition production of six thousand bottles per artist. L’Art in Cave® associates art and wine in an industrial environ-ment.

Por Mónica Sánchez Miguel

Occitania - Maruchy Behmaras


The Occitan region was one of the fastest growing territories at the time of the Cathars (s. 10th. to 13th. AD.) due to trade across the Mediterranean, the rise of trades, and the manufacturing improvement that can be exemplified by the large medieval textiles: tapestries, cloths, reliquar-ies, etc.

Por Maruchy Behmaras

Le trompe-l’œil - Mónica Sánchez Miguel

Le trompe-l’œil

France is synonymous of art, this time we are surprised how the walls change in various French regions and around the world with the idea of trompe-l’œil.

Por Mónica Sánchez Miguel

Molière - Maruchy Behmaras


Molière is considered the father of the Comédie Française, he is recognized as one of the best western dramatists, he is also famous for his acting career and because he established great guidelines as a stage director.

Por Maruchy Behmaras

Tips & Tops Agde - Amura

Tips & Tops Agde

Tips & Tops Agde

Por Amura