Sparkles of freshness - AMURA

Sparkles of freshness

The last part of the summer season’s glisters presents us the superb occasion to keep the freshness in garments. Horizontal lines start framing the navy look fashion, along with the essential dark glasses; though  green and ochre hues announce the arrival of the autumn season



Breguet Marine Chronographe “200 ans de marine” - Gwen San

Breguet Marine Chronographe “200 ans de marine”

In 1815, King Louis XVIII appointed Abraham-Louis Breguet as horologist of the French Royal Navy; title which secured him as member of a prestigious elite, while investing him with the great responsibility of offering security and accuracy to a crucial function for the nation.

Por Gwen San


Bahamas - Andrés Torres


The English colonists that arrived at this latitude named these islands after prince William of Orange-Nassau, successor to the throne of England. This group of about 2000 cays and 700 isles –out of which a little more than 20 are inhabited—was the land of legendary pirates, corsairs and looters for many years, some of them very famous, such as Blackbeard.

Por Andrés Torres


SLS LUX at Baha Mar  - Lizethe Dagdug

SLS LUX at Baha Mar

Certainly, this is the most inspiring luxury resort all over the zone; its great casino has an elegance and enjoyment worthy of the royalty, within an ambience that enhances the sensation of luck and wealth; spending hours gambling in its facilities grants another level of rest, with experiences that are very different from other casino destinations.

Por Lizethe Dagdug


Gran Hyatt - Lizethe Dagdug

Gran Hyatt

Its gorgeous and comfortable rooms, with a view of the sea, guarantee one of the best stays in all Bahamas; being of the best options to celebrate events such as weddings, or to travel with the family, notwithstanding that couples will discover a romantic, perfect milieu for their honeymoon in privacy and with charm.

Por Lizethe Dagdug


One & Only Ocean Club Paradise Island - Florenica Gutiérrez

One & Only Ocean Club Paradise Island

Resting over a genuine luxury oasis, surrounded by actual sea water at a white sand beach, the One & Only Ocean Club is a site inspired by the Versailles gardens and the European statues. A posh lodge with a spa, restaurants and all of the amenities offered by a sumptuous resort; it also has an 18 golf course next to the sea.

Por Florenica Gutiérrez


The Cove Eleuthera - Florenica Gutiérrez

The Cove Eleuthera

The Cove, Eleuthera, located over the beautiful Gregory Town’s pink sand beach, is a combination of refinement and modern style; it has 52 rooms, villas and suites entirely renovated in a unique and luxurious style; the suites offer a great leisure services, and a Porsche; the best beach services include umbrellas and beach towels to use after taking a dip outdoors, and then to enjoy the deck-chairs.

Por Florenica Gutiérrez


Gulf Craft Majesty 122 - Lizethe Dagdug

Gulf Craft Majesty 122

The most recent launch of Gulf Craft, the Majesty 122, showed a smart world class superyacht, with an eminence and impact that made her win the decoration in the category of Best Asian Built Yacht Award. 

Por Lizethe Dagdug


Princess 35m - Alejandra Millanes

Princess 35m

Over the water’s surface, a brand new majestic yacht rises, showing her high pilothouse off, with absolute refinement, at an easy pace to be beheld with patience or at full speed to be admired for her nimbleness and capacity.

Por Alejandra Millanes


Darwin 86 - Cantiere delle Marche

Darwin 86

The Italian shipyard company Cantiere delle Marche, famous for building vessels the size of Stella di Nord and Noga, has succeeded again: it has constructed a new masterpiece, the second Darwin Class 86’, a 26 m, steel and aluminum Explorer vessel. Her design was run by Sergio Cutolo from Hydro Tec.

Por Cantiere delle Marche


Transpac 2015 - AMURA

Transpac 2015

Ever since 1906, a competition over the Pacific Ocean waters is celebrated every two years, running 4,121 km on the open sea: the Trans-Pacific Yacht Race, better known as Transpac; one of the foremost regattas in the sailing world.



Tania Elías Calles - Tania Elías Calles / AMURA

Tania Elías Calles

Ever since she was 7, while learning to sail in Valle de Bravo lake, she fell in love with one of the sports that demands the greatest physical and mental mettle. Her expertise and pluck have led her to become a member of the Top 10 world ranking for 9 years in a row. Such willpower even positioned her among the best 5 athletes in the planet, from 2005 to 2008; being the period 2007-2008 the peak of her career as the best in the world.

Por Tania Elías Calles / AMURA


The champions are coming back  - Ze Sergio Garay

The champions are coming back

Introduced by Value, the 2nd edition of the Bridgestone America’s Golf Cup has started to take shape; the places reserved for winners are beginning to have serious candidates for occupancy, according to the PGA Tour Latin America ranking; in addition to the special invitees and the presence of the former best world player, the American Tiger Woods.

Por Ze Sergio Garay


Bahamian Club - Alejandra Millanes

Bahamian Club

The warmth of soft illumination, heavy-framed artwork standing out of the walls, in contrast with the fine centerpieces, surround a dark wooden dining room offering the most delicious dishes: hard to resist meat cuts, chicken and seafood.

Por Alejandra Millanes


Luciano’s of  Chicago - Alejandra Millanes

Luciano’s of Chicago

An ancient manor opens its gates to travel throughout its marble and mahogany foyer, up to a formal dining room with warmth colors and marvelous views of the harbor; to get impregnated over a magical scenario with the unsurpassed scent from its dishes.

Por Alejandra Millanes


Dune - Alejandra Millanes


Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the renowned international chef, has had the delight of his gastronomic creations alight on a white sand dune in order to lavish his attendees with the joy of his dishes in front of an emerald waters view.

Por Alejandra Millanes


Graycliff Restaurant - Alejandra Millanes

Graycliff Restaurant

In the sensation of an intimate supper with friends, the historical colonial style manor of the Graycliff Restaurant serves a succulent continental cuisine, with blends from the Bahamas.

Por Alejandra Millanes


Rum - César Mejía


Rum is the Caribbean drink par excellence. Right after the introduction of the sugar cane to the Hispaniola (currently Haiti and Dominican Republic) in 1493 by Christopher Columbus during his second trip to the Western Indies

Por César Mejía


A maximum thrill - Florenica Gutiérrez

A maximum thrill

State-of-the-art technology displayed in sportive designs, blended with entirely sumptuous interior milieus, highlight the mission for a unsurpassed comfort, transform these cars into driving pleasure that, additionally, increase the excitement to the utmost. Their unique aesthetics combines luxury and the most advanced technology with first rate final touches; sleek design above all, and cutting-edge equipment.

Por Florenica Gutiérrez


The diabolical inspiration of great composers - Ricardo Rondón

The diabolical inspiration of great composers

The artistic quality of Lucifer has a long history, his triumphal and recent programming in movies is nothing compared to the musical  popularity that continues forever

Por Ricardo Rondón


Hemingway and the Caribbean - Rodrigo Borja Torres

Hemingway and the Caribbean

Ernest Hemingway, the famous American Nobel Prize, always had a very close relationship with the Caribbean. Since 1934, aboard his yacht Pilar he liked to go over this region dedicated to fishing. In 1939, he settled in Cuba for 21 years until 1960, the year before his death, though not continuously, as he constantly traveling the world.

Por Rodrigo Borja Torres


The true Pirates of the Caribbean - Rodrigo Borja Torres

The true Pirates of the Caribbean

As a child, just like many other kids of my generation, I wanted to be a fireman, a cop, an astronaut and…a pirate.

Por Rodrigo Borja Torres


Cachalot - Erick Zamora


For many years the sperm whale was part of the seaman’s folklore and legends. Two of these tales, the first one about a whale hunter from Nantucket, Massachusetts that was attacked by one of these whales on 1820 and the second one about an albino sperm whale that prowled around the Mocha island in Chile, would inspire one of the most recognized novels of the XIX century, Moby Dick from Herman Melville.

Por Erick Zamora


Tips & Tops Bahamas - AMURA

Tips & Tops Bahamas

Tips & Tops Bahamas