Ferretti Group - Ferretti Group

Ferretti Group

A stunning fleet of 16 boats, among who highlighted 2 American premieres, they were part of the FLIBS 2019. The new TØ Pershing project was revealed, that be combine the pleasure of the sea with Pershing performance.

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Alia Yachts 60M Samurai - ALIA YACHTS-JEFF BROWN

Alia Yachts 60M Samurai

A yacht with huge exterior entertainment areas, spectacular beach club, spa and gym; Airy main deck accommodation and fast displacement performance.


Abierto Mexicano Telcel - Abierto Mexicano Telcel

Abierto Mexicano Telcel

After a week of abundant adrenaline and remarkable matches, as well as ecological and social activities of athletes, the 27th edition of Telcel Mexican Open conclude.

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Invierno - Amura


Awinter in blue tones; vintage effect where possibly Paul Muriat’s renowned song, “The love is blue,” plays an important role and is the inspiration of the designers this season, giving rest to the black and gray colors to create thus a romantic effect and an aesthetic that offers us beauty, elegance and even nostalgia.

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Arnold & Son - Amura

Arnold & Son

The Time Piramid Tourbillon watch is a meeting with pyramidal architecture and movement symmetry, is inspired by the regulators created by John and Roger Arnold over two hundred years ago and by antique British skeleton clocks, it’s a rendition of technical prowess and sleek elegance.

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Panerai - Amura


The Luna Rossa collection is developed by Panerai and inspired by the challenger of the 36th. America’s Cup record.

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Ulysse Nardin - Amura

Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin has a particular interest in the sea, he new “Marine Mega Yacht”, it is the continua-tion of “Marine” and the passion for the nautical universe, this time it represents the contempo-rary nautical prestige, the Nemo Captains current and the origins of the brand.

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Greenland - Mónica Sánchez Miguel


Spending a day or a year in the Arctic would help us learn what is really important in the world. Kalaallit Nunaat, the land of contrasts: glaciers, northern lights, mountains, flowers, icebergs; is a place that few people visit and can be a unique experience.

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Hotel Arctic - Andrés Ordorica

Hotel Arctic

Which is the world’s most northerly hotel, you ask? The answer to that question, of course, would be Hotel Arctic. Sitting right on the edge of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord, a natural wonder that is prominently featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Hotel Arctic offers guests the opportunity to explore a world beyond imagination.

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Cloudbreak - Andrés Ordorica


This is more than just a hotel. It is your hotel. It’s a hotel that travels with you. At 247 ft, Cloud-break is an expedition yacht, designed for extreme exploration. Custom-outfitted for owners with a great passion the outdoors, it’s the ideal luxury vessel to reach even the most inhospita-ble place in the world, as Greenland can be.  

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Nautique Surf System - Nautic Surf System

Nautique Surf System

Since its inception, surfing has been a coastal sport. That is, until today, because with the Nau-tique Surf System, you can turn inland waterways into surfing paradises that allow you to experience the freedom of an endless wave.

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Ford vs Ferrari - Daniel Marchand M. / info@mmclassics.com.mx

Ford vs Ferrari

The movie Ford vs Ferrari has so far been one of the best biographical films in the automobile field. The director knew that every enthusiast was going to judge even the smallest detail so he tried to recreate every car, building and character, as attached to reality as possible.

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A hereford Beefstouw - Andrés Ordorica

A hereford Beefstouw

This restaurant makes no qualms about it – they’re all about great steaks and superb wines. That, coupled with a long tradition of working alongside brilliant artists and designers creates an aesthetic experience that is difficult for diners to forget.

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Dorset - Mónica Sánchez Miguel


The oldest inhabitants of Greenland, according to archaeological studies, were the Dorset, who traveled from Siberia to North America through the Bering Strait in 2500 BC.

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Past and Future of El Guernica - Maite Basaguren

Past and Future of El Guernica

Pablo Picasso turned 138 in October and the next April 2020, it will be the 82nd year of the reali-zation of his greatest work: El Guernica..

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Erik the Red - Alejandra Cañedo

Erik the Red

Greenland was discovered by the Viking Erik the Red about 982 AD, when forced into a three-year exile for crimes committed, he decides, as his father did for the same reason, to flee from Norway to Iceland, and undertake the route west from Iceland; since the Middle Ages, Icelandic sailors had knowledge of the existence of the island.

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Snow Fox - Alejandra Cañedo

Snow Fox

With a coat that changes color, based on the passage of the seasons, the Arctic fox, polar or isatis, is the only mammal native to Iceland that reached the circumpolar regions of the Arctic after moving over the frozen sea, at the end of the last glaciation.

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Tips & Tops Greenland - Amura

Tips & Tops Greenland

Tips & Tops Greenland

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