A Furs Style Winter - Martha Cueto

A Furs Style Winter

Cold weather arrives and with it, the opportunity to show off a sober and elegant style. Great designers and famous brands have introduced their collections in  military green jackets and long fur coats. 

Por Martha Cueto


Moonmachine - by Stepan Sarpaneva - AMURA

Moonmachine - by Stepan Sarpaneva

With MOONMACHINE, Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva has taken a specially configured HM3 Frog and transformed it with his iconic moon-face moon-phase indicator set in a scintillating firmament of northern stars.



Ulysee Nardin - Luis Peyrelongue

Ulysee Nardin

Ulysse Nardin presents the Ulysse Nardin Peyrelongue Rose Gold Edition. Its automatic movement, certified by COSC has a reserve power indicator (about 42 hours), a large second indicator and a large date window at 6 O’clock.

Por Luis Peyrelongue


Al-Andalus - Patrick Monney


On the paths of the land of the south, through mountains planted with towers and fortresses, rivers and seas, we discover the Andalucia of today.  Emerging from the past, on the once-Arab economic and cultural power. Famous figures appear as Avicenna, Averroes, and Maimonides. 

Por Patrick Monney


Amatciems, a Built Paradise - AMURA

Amatciems, a Built Paradise

Amatciems, a Built Paradise




Monaco, Principality On The Cote D’Azur - AMURA

Monaco, Principality On The Cote D’Azur

Monaco,   Principality On The Cote D’Azur



Oviedo - AMURA





Buenos Aires - AMURA

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires tango dancing is reflected in the Rio de la Plata, an inland sea that stretches before emptying into the Atlantic. The theaters are full, the restaurants are awake and the music escapes the streets carrying Gardel wailing.



Azimut S55 - AMURA

Azimut S55

With its newest jewel –the 55S– Azimut imposes a world class evolution in the design of sport yachts. The new proposal uncovers three cabins in the middle of the ship, where there is more space and stability.



Mangusta 148´ Oceano - AMURA

Mangusta 148´ Oceano

Overmarine Shipyards, better known in the sailing world as Mangusta, introduces the   Mangusta 148 ‘Oceano. It is part of the well-recognized line of Large Open Fast yachts, which is distinguished from the rest by allowing an optimal sailing experience in terms of speed, convenience and technology. It was designed by architect Stefano Righini. It can comfortably accommodate 12 guests plus a crew of 9 professionals. It combines neatness with its aggressive exterior lines and a large, comfortable space on board.



"J´Ade" CRN 125

The CRN Shipyard gets ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary. During this celebration, the shipyard will introduce the prototype of their next release, the project named CRN 125 “J’Ade” 60 meters.



Princess 40 M - Javier Sorondo

Princess 40 M

Just as the loyalty of its customers, the dimensions of the Princes Yachts have increased. Chris Gates, Managing Director of the company explains the reason for the increase in length: “I’ve been with Princess over 25 years, and in that interval, a dozen times, we have said that a particular model will be the largest ship that will be produced. But the constant requests from our customers lead us to develop larger vessels.”

Por Javier Sorondo


The synthesis of times. - Efrén Belmont

The synthesis of times.

The 2012 will not go away without surprising us with more sophisticated vehicles. It has the vision on one hand to deliver innovation into the smallest of details, and on the other, reconciling the different stages of aesthetic history in the industry.

Por Efrén Belmont


Cardhu John Walker & Sons, arrives in Mexico - AMURA

Cardhu John Walker & Sons, arrives in Mexico

The Whiskey Cardhu, a generous “Single Malt” Scotch which is considered the gold of Spayside in Scotland, made its debut and presentation in Mexico. Sir Ewan Gunn, the Global Ambassador of the house DIAGEO *, was on hand to explain the details of this “12 years”, in an exclusive interview with AMURA.



Bodegas Campos y El Faro de Cádiz - Patrick Monney

Bodegas Campos y El Faro de Cádiz

In Córdoba, one of the unavoidable restaurants is Bodegas Campos, which rescues tradition with a respectful touch of innovation. We found it a bit hidden in Lineros street and without hessitation we entered that museum of the Cordoban kitchen founded back in 1908. 

Por Patrick Monney


The Beauty Hidden in the Sea  - Alberto Friscione Carrascosa

The Beauty Hidden in the Sea

The Gringo Dale arrived on time to the hotel where we stayed in Ensenada, Baja California. Although it was early we were not ready, because the previous day trip to Guadalupe Island, where we had a chance to swim with the great white shark, which left us exhausted. 

Por Alberto Friscione Carrascosa


Humpback Whales - Eduardo Lugo

Humpback Whales

Some 50 million years ago a huge group of land animals began to look for food on the shores of the seas and eventually went into the ocean more and more, until they were entirely adapted to the marine world and became what is now known as the cetaceans. This group consists of dolphins and whales. Among other animals, whales being the largest animals that have ever existed on earth.

Por Eduardo Lugo


Bisbee´s Black & Blue 2012 - Mario Ramírez

Bisbee´s Black & Blue 2012

The Bisbee’s Black & Blue fishing tournament, which has the largest cash prize in the world, held its 32nd tournament on October 22 and 23 this year. With 740 fishermen aboard 106 boats competed for a total of $ 2,475,000 dollars in prizes. 

Por Mario Ramírez


Mudéjar Art   - AMURA

Mudéjar Art

Art, as a distinctive expression of every culture, is a testimony of history, a mark which outlines the evolution, the road to a new cosmovision, a different society and its values​​. Intrigued by the Islamic world, I have searched its art in tradition, its legends and remnants of the Al Andalus kingdom. From Morocco, Syria, and the Middle East to Sicily, my explorations have allowed me to know and admire the  Mudéjar art.



Don Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar The Mio Cid - Alfonso López Collada

Don Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar The Mio Cid

Rodrigo Díaz was born in Vivar, near Burgos. With his military talents, the Cid conquered lands occupied by the Moors to accumulate wealth and to integrate an autonomous principality.

Por Alfonso López Collada


A good opportunity for Private residence ownership at Esperanza Resort, Los Cabos, México - AMURA

A good opportunity for Private residence ownership at Esperanza Resort, Los Cabos, México

Esperanza is the perfect place to come back over and over. It is a luxury hotel, spa and Private Residence Club located within Punta Ballena, one of the most exclusive Resort communities in Los Cabos.



Las Garrafas Mezcal de Oaxaca - AMURA

Las Garrafas Mezcal de Oaxaca

Las Garrafas de Oaxaca is mucho more than a mezcal: A piece of México that represents the time it takes to develop a product worthy of our country. It’s the detail, hard work, waiting, talent, quality and craftsmanship that enclose a part of our culture, the love for our traditions to create something outstanding.